Turf Outskirts of Night City
Estimated Gang Size 500 - 600 in Night City

Aldecaldos is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. Gangs are the various groups that take hold of different areas of Night City. From technology-obsessed fully cybered gangs, combat obsessive warrior "tribes," and even gangs centered around cults, there is a diverse array of Gangs in Night City in 2077. These ferocious beasts are not to be trifled with without impunity.


When gang violence claimed the life of Juan Aldecaldo’s son, the grieving father’s impassioned protests became a beacon for many outraged migrants in Los Angeles. They formed a family around him, and split away, taking to the road and adopting the nomad lifestyle. Elder Aldecaldo passed on in later years, and now the Aldecaldos find themselves camped in the deserts near Night City.

Their RVs-cum mobile-workshops, souped-up-cars, and their proficiency for covert scavenging have allowed them to carve a life on the outskirts of the city, where they transport and smuggle goods for whoever is willing to pay.


Aldecaldos Information

  • Estimated Gang Size: 500 - 600 in Night City.
  • Turf: Outskirts of Night City
  • The Aldelcaldos, the first true Nomad Family that was established in 1990s as Los Angeles turned into a war zone. Unlike the Wraiths, the Aldecaldos keep their arms wide open to creating a partnership and making deals with V.


Aldecaldos Related Quests

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Aldecaldos Notes & Trivia

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