Breaking Through

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Jackie Welles
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Going Pro
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The Streetkid / The Corpo-Rat / The Nomad

Breaking Through is a Main Quest in Cyberpunk2077. The quest can be approached in different ways and depending on how you handle them, they will affect the world and future events.


Breaking Through Objectives

  1. Find and rescue the missing girl
  2. Explore your apartment and equip your gun and jacket
  3. Talk to Jackie Welles
  4. Talk to Dexter Deshawn
  5. Visit your Ripperdoc


Breaking Through Rewards

  1. Reward 1
  2. Reward 2



  1. You are requested to find and retrieve a missing person whose locator implant went dark. You are accompanied by your friend Jackie Welles.


  2. The netrunner Bug guides you to an apartment building, floor 12 apartment 1237. When you arrive at the door, Bug will hack the intercom and let you in. Once inside, you will find an empty room with a door on the left.


  3. Keep going and you’ll find a female body with missing organs. Behind the girl there is a door, behind it you will find a big room with 1x Scavenger facing a pool. Approach him from behind to perform a silent kill.


  4. After you’ve killed the Scavenger, there is an open path on your right. Follow it and you will see 1x Scavenger transporting a dead body, kill him. Pass the door from where the scavenger came out and you will find an office that 4x Scavengers are protecting. Fight them off and 1x Scavenger Boss will appear. When you try to follow him he will close the door behind him. After a few seconds, he will start shooting through the walls.


  5. Go back to the office room and wait until Bug points you to a window that you can use to flank him from the left. After you’ve killed him, go through the last door where you will find a tub full of ice. Inspect the tub and you will find the missing girl.


  6. Check the girl status with the biomonitor and you’ll confirm that she is Sandra Dorsett (the correct person) and that she has a platinum Trauma Team membership. Her vital monitors are critical and she needs immediate help. Bug points out that she has a chip implanted that is preventing Trauma Team to receive the distress call. Remove the chip and the distress call will be sent and Trauma Team will arrive in 3 minutes.


  7. After you take her off the tub she will start to convulse, use an airhypo provided by Jackie to stabilize her.


  8. Bug will inform you that Scavengers reinforcements are arriving outside the building. In order to secure the girl, take her to the balcony and wait for Trauma Team to arrive and rescue her.


  9. After the girl is safe, you can quickly leave the building to avoid the Scavengers' reinforcements.


  10. After the first part is over, you will get up on your apartment and receive a call from Jackie Welles, asking you to meet him downstairs.


  11. From here, you are requested to complete a checklist: Explore your apartment, check the e-mail from your Ripperdoc, put on your Samurai Jacket, and pick up your gun Federated Arms "Vindicator". When you are done, go out of the apartment. Turn left and follow the corridor until you find the elevator, take it and go down. Once downstairs, go left and follow the path that leads to the street. There you will find Jackie waiting for you.


  12. Talk to Jackie and he will tell you that one of Night City top fixers Dexter Deshawn wants to talk to you about a job, he points you to a car and asks you to go alone.


  13. Once inside the car, you will find Dexter Deshawn and he will brief you on the quest Going Pro.


  14. Once the briefing is over, you are free to go and visit the Ripperdoc. Follow the indicated path and you will find Jackie waiting outside. Give him the shard to brief him on the details and go downstairs to the basement to talk to Doctor Victor, the Ripperdoc. Install the cyberware you prefer and the quest will be complete.


Notes & Trivia

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