Cold Blood

Related Attribute Cool
How to Level Up Defeating Enemies

Cold Blood is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077. Cold Blood is a skill that is related to the Cool attribute. Skills are but a part of your Character’s build and are strictly linked by your Attributes. That means that you can’t level a skill higher than your attribute level. You will be leveling your Skills by executing various gameplay actions. Some skills can also be enhanced through Cyberware. Meanwhile, other skills can come in useful during dialog, offering responses you wouldn’t be able to pick otherwise.


Cold Blood Description

  • Related Attribute: Cool
  • This skill can be leveled up by defeating enemies, however at least one point in the Cold Blood perk in the middle of the perk tree is a requirement.
  • The Cold Blood skill focuses on improving V's basic stats and defenses such as Armor, HP, and Stamina.


Cold Blood Perks


Cold Blood Progression Rewards

Skill Level Rewards
1 --
2 Increases Crit Chance by 10%.
3 Increases Armor by 3%.
4 +1 Perk Point.
5 +1 Perk Point.
6 Increases Health by 10%.
7 Increases Stamina by 10%.
8 Increases All Resistances by 5%.
9 +1 Perk Point.
10 +1 Perk Point.
11 +1 Perk Point.
12 All Resistances +5%
13 +1 Perk Point.
14 Increases Crit Damage by 5%.
15 Increases Crit Chance by 10%.
16 Movement Speed +3%
17 +1 Perk Point.
18 Armor +7%
19 Increases Crit Damage by 5%.
20 Trait


Cold Blood Notes & Tips

  • Notes and other tips go here.
  • Maximizing a skill level to 10 with one out of the twelve skills grants the player with the "Ten Out of Ten" Trophy/Achievement.
  • A point in Cold Blood may not be required. Kills while under status effects might give XP?

Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build Guide: Critical Revolver


The Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build does incredible damage with Revolvers to absolute destroy enemies, even on the hardest difficulties of the game. If you’re a Night City citizen with Big Number Syndrome then you’ll want to check out this Build because you get some absolutely huge Crit numbers with this Build!

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    • Anonymous

      Added edit to notes, I leveled Cold Blood without ever putting a point. Was under shock status while killing enemies at the time, unsure if it's related.

      • Anonymous

        katanas dont seem able to break 5 attacks/second, kunai mods dont do it, cyberware doesnt, predator from this tree probably doesn't either so cold blooded is not actually very good for a melee build. you can get 100% crit chance easly without it and high enough crit damage that increase are minor due to diminishing returns. all and all it is better for headshot bonuses and tank abillity. in fact in any given build you get much better rewards from technical abillity because of how strong legendary iconic weapons are and the stacking tech weapon perks with weapon type perks is super stronge basically cool is a terrible stat and its pretty much always better to get something else. only invest in cool if you already have tech, so like a reflex/tech/cool buidl stack 3 diffrent perk tree to boost damage on pistols to insane levels but other wise tech sould always beat cool except maybe if your a netrunner and want the stealth or hack boosts from cold blooded

        • Anonymous

          Apparently, no need to unlock the first perk to level this skill. You may be able to level it by finishing moves with melee weapons too, without the Cold Blood mode... can someone confirm that?

          • Anonymous

            Arf. Frustrating. They should either lock all the tree if you do not have the first Cold Blood Perk. Or allows Cold Blood to work if you have any Perk of the Cold blood tree. I played 60h without knowing why my Cold Blood tree was not working...

            • Anonymous

              It's worth putting one point into Cold Blood even if you don't plan on leveling Cool for your build. One measly perk point gets you +10% crit chance on ANY weapon (and grenades/quickhacks if you got the corresponding perks)! For comparison, you need 3 perk points into High Noon to get a comparable boost for ONLY handguns. And you get +3% armor if you level the skill to 3 as a nice but negligible bonus.

              • Anonymous

                it's actually pretty easy to level even if you only put one point into the cold blood perk. just getting kills gives a lot of XP with it

                • Anonymous

                  This is difficult to level. Rumor is:
                  1) You need the passive perk to trigger and that gives you a 10 second window to get a kill. Kills in this 10 sec window till add cold blood exp.
                  2) 'Strong' hits (hold down the trigger) from melee weapons will add to cold perk (I am doubting this one)

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