Comrade's Hammer

Tech Weapon        Epic(Legendary Upgraded) / Iconic
comrades hammer weapon cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
680 DPS
1873-2231 Damage
0.78 Attacks Per Second
Can be charged to release a powerful shot

Crafted item will gain a random stat.

  • Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Bleeding Chance, Burn Chance, Poison Chance, Shock Chance, Charge Multiplier, Charge Time

Crafted item will gain a random damage type

  • +273-333 Chemical Damage
  • +273-333 Electrical Damage
  • +273-333 Physical Damage
  • +273-333 Thermal Damage

A modified Mag contains only a single bullet laden with explosive material that wreaks havoc at the point of impact. Reloading this monster requires additional time. 

Upgrade Slots (Epic)

  • Empty Mod Slot
  • Empty Mod Slot

Comrade's Hammer is an Iconic Tech Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Comrade's Hammer deals electrical and chemical damage. It also grants a small chance to apply Poison and/or Shock. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts. Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are special Weapons with unique perks attached to them that can't be found on any other weapon and are particular for each of them. Most Iconic Weapons can be obtained by completing certain Jobs and searching in specific areas of a Location.


Powered by revolutionary fervor.


Where to find Comrade's Hammer in Cyberpunk 2077

Can be crafted if you have the Grease Monkey Perk and loot the spec from the leader in Suspected Organize Crime Activity in Arroyo

comrade's hammer map location cypberpunk2077 wiki guide 300px

To craft Comrade's Hammer you need the following items:

  • 20 Uncommon Components
  • 35 Rare Components
  • 45 Epic Components
  • 1 Legendary Component


Comrade's Hammer Weapon Information

  • Base Weapon: RT-46 Burya
  • Deals Large amount of base damage which offsets having one round per reload. 

Comrade's Hammer Weapon Upgrades

Comrade's Hammer has the following upgrade slots


  • Empty Mod Slot
  • Empty Mod Slot


  • Four Mod Slots

Comrade's Hammer Weapon Notes and Tips

  • Although it is a Tech weapon, Comrade's Hammer does not have a charge time. Thus, it does not benefit from charge-related bonuses. 
  • Pairs well with Level 12 Handgun Perk: Grand Finale.
  • The Engineering Perks: Lightning Bolt  (Level 12) and Superconductor  (Level 20) work with this pistol.
  • Perks that reduce reload rate can offset the long reload.
  • If used well, it can clear buildings without you even entering due to its high penetration and blast radius.
  • Pair with mantis blades for a reliable backup weapon.
  • Will be visible in V's apartment on the wall of the storage room if it's in your storage.
  • This weapon will deal explosive damage to nearby bodies if shooting someone near them, killing them even with non-lethal mods.



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    • Anonymous

      If you combine this thing with projectile launch system with shock ammo, reload time won’t be a problem as the stun from the shock rockets will give you more time than you could ever need.

      • Anonymous

        Probably my fave pistol in the game other the Wards revolver. Add a sandevistan/kerenzikov combo with it and you can make every fight look like you've come from the matrix with a boomcanon.

        • Anonymous

          This thing is the only reaaon about why i've bothered with the pistol skill tree in my shotty + gorilla arms build.

          Pretty much one of the few good pistols in game, ans the funniest to use.

          • Anonymous

            Get the reloading perk if you plan on using this beast. Last round double damage is also a must, since it only holds 1 round.

            • Anonymous

              Literal Hand-cannon. Don't know why the game says it can "charged." Probably an oversight. Shoots through walls so those who are farming Engineering exp, this is the weapon. The regular version still does the trick if reloading gets annoying for you.

              • Anonymous

                Literally the best gun in the game as you can one shot anyone with the Legendary version because Legendary crafting is very OP.

                • Anonymous

                  'Although it is a Tech weapon, Comrade's Hammer does not have a charge time. Thus, it does not benefit from charge-related bonuses.' this is actually wrong. it's charge time is actually almost instant to where it's done during a normal press, so you can still kill enemies through walls and take advantage of other tech perks. Some perks are made useless by it being almost instant, but otherwise.

                  • Anonymous

                    i've used this thing to clear entire buildings by shooting through the roof, im talking apartments, factories, houses, you name it! plus mr. smasher bit it aftter TWO SHOTS!

                    • Mine does around 3500DPS and usually sends at least one limb flying (literally), heads come off very easily. Can also take out 3 goons in 1 shot. The slow reload doesn't matter, I have plenty of armor (around 4500; can get it up to 5100+). Best handgun in the game imo.

                      • Anonymous

                        charge based tech weapon perks dont work because it doesn't charge but crit chance and damage perks do, use the handgun skill that doubles damage on 1 bullet and its much stronger than any sniper, can easly one shot any boss with enough headshot bonuses. on a melee build with only a few pistol perks oneshot placide the voodoo boys boss with a headshot.

                        • Anonymous

                          Hi, I get the epic version of it and I don't know how to upgrade it to legendary, any tips ? Thanks in advance, I'm 20 engeneer.

                          • Anonymous

                            Given that it can be crafted, I'm working on milling for a good one. Seems like the headshot multiplier ranges from 2 to 3, crit chance from +0% to +50%, looks like crit damage ranges from +0% to +100%, and a charge multiplier of up to 2.

                            I've only made about 15 of these so far, but I'm willing to bet that a few things are guaranteed: the bonus damage type will be Thermal and there will be a +6% chance to burn.

                            Grinding these makes sense if you're working on tech levels for crafting because you can just wallbang to level engineering at the same time for some bonus skill points.

                            • Anonymous

                              upgraded it to legendary, after that i tried upgrading it then it says i lack the level to upgrade the weapon?

                              • Anonymous

                                how do I get it if I sold it or break it down a while ago? I think i clean the area a while ago and sold all the loots

                                • Anonymous

                                  managed to clear an entire job without stepping in the building thx to the grand finale, f all walls, and t3 tesla perk on this thing, amazing weapon! would recommend

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