Concrete Cage Trap

Gig Type Merc Needed
Location Watson (Kabuki)
Requirement n/a
Reward €$ 4389

Concrete Cage Trap is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 that was added in the Edgerunners update. Concrete Cage Trap can be acquired from Regina Jones. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Concrete Cage Trap Objectives

  • Go to Tiny Mike's hideout.
  • Find Tiny Mike.
  • Talk to Tiny Mike.
  • Take gun. (Optional)
  • Follow Tiny Mike.
  • Lead Tiny Mike to the Restaurant. (Optional)
  • Escort Tiny Mike to the Fixer's Transport.
  • Talk to Tiny Mike.


Concrete Cage Trap Walkthrough

  • While driving around the Watson (Kabuki) area, you'll receive a call from Regina Jones informing you that Militech is after one of her guys that's badly wounded. She'll assign you to extract and help him out. This will start the gig, Concrete Cage Trap. Head over to an alleyway leading to an apartment complex in Kabuki between Sutter St and Kennedy North. You'll find Tiny Mike on the second floor hiding in the bathroom. This is also where you will get the new weapon in the Edgerunner update, the Hypercritical Power Precision Rifle. It's on top of the sink in the bathroom where Tiny Mike is located. Be prepared though, there are multiple corp enemies in the area, so make sure to take them out and get the necessary loot needed. Once you reach Tiny Mike, you'll need to follow him out of the Apartment since he knows the better way out, you'll be in charge of making sure he's alive. Escort Tiny Mike out of the Apartment and alleyway and head over to the Fixer's car which is located on the left side outside of the alleyway. Talk to Tiny Mike one last time and this will mark the end of the gig.


 How to unlock Concrete Cage Trap

  • Quest Giver: Regina Jones
  • Location: Watson (Kabuki), Between Sutter St and Kennedy North


Concrete Cage Trap Rewards


Concrete Cage Trap Notes & Tips


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