Power Weapon        Epic / Iconic
334.4 DPS
248-304 Damage
1.21 Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • +174-213 Physical Damage (Epic)
  • +140.60% Crit Damage (Epic)
  • 0.50 Charge Time (Epic)
  • +5% Bleeding Chance (Epic)
  • 4 Headshot Damage Multiplier (Epic)
Charging for a short time while aiming enables full auto mode. Decreases recoil, bullet spread and fire rate

1x Scope Slot
1x Muzzle Slot
2x Mod Slot

Crash is an Iconic Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Crash allows players to enable full auto mode by charging for a short time while aiming. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts.


A weapon for someone who won't miss the first time.


How to acquire Crash


Crash information

  • Base Weapon: Overture
  • Charging for a brief time while aiming enables full auto mode. Decreases recoil, bullet spread and fire rate.


Crash Upgrades

Crash has the following upgrade slots

  • 4/5/6 slots


Crash Notes and Tips

  • Legendary Crash with silencer will single headshot even Arasaka Elites and can one-shot most other foes regardelss of hit location
  • Romancing River Ward is not necessary to acquire Crash.


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    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2021 02:24  

      Why is this a quest item? Apperently you can display it in your apartment but I can't remove it from my inventory. Then tho I have two...

      • Anonymous

        30 Dec 2020 04:14  

        Unless I've missed something on the base model of the Overture, this gun's big standout is that it is a revolver that can mount a silencer, and that comes along with the massive headshot multiplier that are innate to revolvers. One of the best stealth headshotters in the game. If you use one of the time slow operating systems and attach the "eliminates verticle recoils while aiming" mod to this gun, it will also melt pretty much anything with headshots.

        • Anonymous

          28 Dec 2020 23:33  

          Looks great on paper, but there's a biiiig downside to this gun. The bullets, even single shots, travel much slower than those fired from a regular revolver (which hit almost instantly outside time-slowing effect) .

          That means less snap-headshots in mid-combat. Regular purple revolvers, given the upgrades, still 1-shoot 99% enemies with headshot crits. More damage is overkill, but the loss in accuracy hurts a lot.

          Found out only when I upgraded it to Legendary the moment I got it. Fealt like a sidegrade from my non-unique purple revolver... Thanks for nothing, River :(

          • Anonymous

            18 Dec 2020 19:45  

            This gun has a mission mark on it...i can't stash it or disassemble it. Am it the only one has the problem

            • Anonymous

              18 Dec 2020 00:23  

              Get a Reflex, Tech, Cool build with this and upgrade the crap out of the gun. Stack purely crit chance, crit damage and headshot damage and you will oneshot everything while doing 150k damage headshots. Oneshots everything even on the hardest difficulty.

              • Anonymous

                16 Dec 2020 06:30  

                Look, I'm a 100% straight guy. But when River gifted me this beast of a revolver, I have to admit I considered settling down with him in the trailer park and bearing his child.

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