Cyberpunk Crashes, Bugs, Issues: How to fix , Startup Errors and Freezes, Fixes and Workarounds for Cyberpunk 2077.  This page gives details based on a collection of community suggestions that we current have gathered in the short amount of time from release.


Update your Drivers

It has been observed a lot of issues can be solved if you were to update your drivers. AMD and Nvidia has released a new driver update that seems to fix a lot of issues. It is also a general good thing to update your drivers because it fixes issues not just with cyberpunk but with your overall usage with your Video card. Here is how you do it.

  • Download your drivers from your respective websites.
  • Nvidia has an app called the Geforce Experience that simplifies the download process. 
  • Some responses and tips recommend using a driver cleaner like AMD Cleanup Utility software or Display Driver Uninstaller


Verify integrity of the game cache

If you have a PC digital copy, using your respective launcher you could be able to verify your files with them. This allows for files to be checked and repaired if any of them are in any order as much as said launcher can fix them.

  • GOG : 
    1.  Launch GOG GALAXY.
    2. Got to the Owned games tab
    3. Then go to the 'Customize' button > Manage installation > Verify / Repair
  • Steam: 
    1.  Go to the Library tab, right-click on the game and select Properties.
    2. Select the Local files tab and click the "Verify integrity of game cache..." button.
  • Epic Games: 
    1. In the Library section, navigate to the game and click on the three dots.
    2.  Click Verify in the drop-down list.


Console tips (Xbox/Playstation)

  • Make sure your version of Cyberpunk is up to date. The day one patch is said to address a lot of issues with constant patches coming in soon.
  • Heat seems to be a factor in running with the game. Consoles will crash to as a safeguard if it overheats, ensure proper ventilation.


GOG Launcher fix

If you are using a GOG launcher for your version in cyberpunk, there seems to be a possible cause of a crash on startup from its overlay. It seems that turning the overlay off from the GOG launcher fix this problem. Disable game overlay to try to fix launcher

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    • Anonymous

      If a permanent sansrorn ever shows up you need to force a weather change, you can do this at most points in the game by visiting the "Blade runner easter egg on arasaka roof"
      Be warned of the severe glare the change causes

      • Anonymous

        check reddit for perfomance fixes, something about a config using vram and ram. It uses console's default instead of what your pc is capable of.

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