DB-4 Palica

Smart Weapon
??? DPS
??-??x14 Damage
0.77 Attacks Per Second
Requires a Smart Link to unlock the full potential of their targeting systems
  • ??
  • ??

No Upgrade Slots

The Rostovic DB-4 Palica is a Smart Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077Smart Weapons can scan and track enemies' movements and fire self-guided micro missiles that allow players to hit covered enemies regardless they are hiding behind walls or other cover. Requires a Smart Link installed on your hands.


"Smart" doesn't equal "expensive."


How to acquire DB-4 Palica

  • Loot from corpses
  • Weapon Shops
  • Crafting Spec


DB-4 Palica Upgrades

DB-4 Palica has no upgrade slots.


DB-4 Palica Notes and Tips

  • N/A


DB-4 Palica Database Entry

The minds at Serbia-based Rostovic set out to prove that "smart" doesn't have to mean "expensive." The fruit of their endeavor is the Palica, based on their time-tested Igla model. Was the experiment a success? Opinions are divided. The Palica's price is certainly lower than the competition, but so it also has the craftsmanship to match. This shotgun possesses the basic functionality of a Smart-class shotgun, but it's not worth the breath required to compare it to Arasaka or Tsunami weapons. Still, for those whose wallets are already squeezed, the Palica really is the "smart" choice.



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