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Main Job
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Jig-Jig Street
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The Space in Between
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Double Life

Disasterpiece is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Disasterpiece is automatically acquired after completing The Space in Between. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Every city's got its shady neighborhoods and "no-go" zones. Stepping into these areas in Night City is like wading into the abyss and feeling it stare back through your soul. Anyone with an ounce of sense avoids these haunts altogether. Your average gonk's usually seen limping out, bleeding from one or more places. And you, V? Just make sure you come out intact.


Disasterpiece objectives

  • Talk to Judy.
  • (Optional) Ask around XBDs on Jig-Jig Steet.
  • Locate a terminal and find the Pleasures of NC domain.
  • Find the XBD dealer on Jig-Jig Steet.
  • Buy an illegal braindance from the dealer.
  • Meet Judy at her van.
  • Analyze the braindance and find out where it was recorded.
  • Reach the main building.
  • Find a way to the sub-levels.
  • Get to level-1.
  • Lead Judy through the sub-levels.
  • Find Evelyn.
  • Get in the elevator


Disasterpiece Walkthrough

Retrieve Death's Head XBD

  • You'll pick up after interrogating Fingers at his clinic in Jig-Jig Street. Talk to Judy first to progress the objective, you'll find her outside. When you talk to her, she'll be worried about Evelyn, choose a dialogue that will comfort her, like "Don't worry we'll find her.". Next, tell her that you need to gather intel first regarding the XBD.
  • Now, there are three ways for you to locate the dealer. (1) Ask for Judy's help to look into the darknet, to do this, you will need to connect to one of the terminals in Jig-Jig Street, check the Pleasures of Night City website, breach into the Login page, and then use Braindance. (2) Ask XBD's whereabouts in the local sex shop. (3) Contact Wakako by phone or visit her in her parlor - the dealer can be found at an underground passage in Jig-Jig Steet.
  • Answer the dealer with "Need a special braindance" followed by "Cops don't go out alone around here."
  • Once he offers the deal, check his wares and purchase the XBD: Deep-Fried Death's Head Moth. After buying it, meet Judy by her van and ride in the passenger's seat. Next, put on the headset and dive in.


  • The goal is to analyze the braindance and figure out where it was recorded. Start off by watching the whole footage while you are in playback mode, and when you're ready, switch to editing mode.
  • These are the following things you need to scan to complete your objective. In the visual layer, (1) scan the pizza on the countertop against the wall at around 00:15. (2) Next is the lab suit by the BD editor's desk around 00:29. (3) And finally, the coffee cup on the BD editor's desk around 00:45. This will allow V to figure out where the XBD was recorded. And when you're done, just exit the Braindance.
  • Your next objective, head over to the Old Electric Corp power plant in Charter Hill. Once you're back, Judy asks you to ride with her. SAY YES, this will help you build that foundation for Romance. Judy then drives you to the abandoned power plant.
  • When you arrive at the power plant, Judy tells you to find a way in as she tries to find a blueprint before joining her. To show that you are concerned, tell her it isn't safe. She'll just ignore it and still end up following you later on.

Infiltrate the Power Plant: Ground Floor

 Now, there are a few ways on how to infiltrate the power plant. The options will be indicated below to guide you.

  • First off is the ground floor, your objective is to reach the stairs leading underground which gives you access to Level -1.
  • There are different doors you can take that will lead you into the power station's perimeter, and each one requires a specified level of the stat.
  • If you want to avoid this, you can climb onto the collapsed platform via the stack of wood and use it as a stepping stone. This will allow you to get in easily inside the room where the computer is inside the small building that is opposite of the warehouse. Using the terminal will allow you to switch off the surveillance cameras.
  • Now, from here, go by stealth into the compound until you need to climb up to an elevated platform on the northeast side of the warehouse. You can do this by jumping onto the stacks of pallets and the metal canopy. Then, you'll encounter a guard along the way.
  • Next, the door at the top will give you access to an elevated metal walkway. Run forward and jump across the gap and then drop down directly to the stairs once the guards below move.


  • You can enter the warehouse via the door on the ground floor. The only thing is, you'll have to fight off a local sentry. Once you're through, force-open the door if you have the sufficient level of the Body attribute. You'll then arrive at the top of the basement stairs.
  • Another way is to enter through the front door, but you will have to be careful and move as stealthy as you can since you will encounter a number of guards here. If you want to do this, make sure you disable the cameras first. If you take this path, climb the stacks of pallets on the right so you can reach an elevated platform. Jump down on the other side when the guard patrolling the stairs moves and then sneak your way in towards the objective.

Infiltrate the Power Plant: Level 1

  • Once you're at Level 1, your next goal is to reach the stairs that lead down to Level 2.
  • On this level, you will first encounter two scavengers in the first section. There's one in front of the computer and one on the other side. Both of them won't notice you, so you can take them out easily. Once they're both down, breach the computer.
  • In the next room, there will be two more guarding the main hallway. Watch their movements on how they patrol the area because one of them will separate from the other, giving you the chance to take them out quietly.
  • After passing through the main hallway, you'll reach the last room. Here, Judy will offer to help. She'll basically cause a distraction with smoke. When this happens, kill the enemies in the room with stealth.
  • In the main hall, if you have a sufficient level of Technical Ability, you can find a shortcut that will take you to the exit of the main hallway. But take note that you still need to watch out for the Scavengers patrolling.
  • Past the Main Hall, if you have a high level of Body attribute, you can force-open one of the shutters adjacent to the main hallway. This will allow you to avoid the two sentries.

Infiltrate the Power Plant: Level 2

  • Upon reaching level 2, your main objective is to find Evelyn. She can be found inside a room that's on the east side of the mini-map. You'll be able to complete this by finding Evelyn, pulled out the cable that's connected to her, take her back, and leave the premises via the elevator.
  • The first room on this level will have one guard patrolling. You can easily take the guard down and then breach the computer. Inside the next, there's another Scavenger that's going around. Watch the guard's movement and take him out when he stops in the corner of the room that's opposite to the group of scavengers. From here, you can use distractions to increase your chances of taking the rest of the enemies through stealth. And once the room is clear, make your way to Evelyn's location and save her.
  • Alternatively, on the west side of the first section, if you meet the requirement for Technical Ability, you can find a shortcut that will allow you to bypass the main room.


How to unlock Disasterpiece


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    • Anonymous

      After 1.31 patch, it seems you need at least level 40 Street Cred for Wakako to give you the XBD for free. Doing 3 of her missions doesn't yield the dialogue.

      • Anonymous

        Dealer can be killed and he drops legendary and epic components. Also he respawns but in unkillable afterwards.

        • Anonymous

          If you did 3 gigs for Wakako before you talk to her, she will give you the bd free of charge. Might have to quicksave and load before you call for the game to properly update.

          • Anonymous

            If you choose to call Wakako and also did several gigs with her, she will give you BD for free. The pickup will also be nearby the dealer's location.

            • Anonymous

              In the sideroom that Judy hangs out in on -2 floor, is a laptop. I went in there before her, and the laptop had a level 20 Technical Ability check attached to it, but after a minute or so, the technical option disappeared.
              Anyone have any idea what this is? Havent seen many 20 checks so far, so it caught me off guard.

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