Double Life

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Main Job
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Judy's Apartment
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M'ap Tann Pelen

Double Life is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Double Life is acquired after completing Disasterpiece. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


There's nothing you can't take away from a person - you just gotta look hard enough. When all options are exhausted, you've still got a body that can be harvested, skills that can be put to good use... Oh, and let's not forget "dignity" - that's a classic. Hell, I'm starting to think I could've done worse than end up on this little Relic of yours.


Double Life Objectives

  • Talk to Judy.
  • (Optional) Sit on the bed.
  • Meet with Judy.
  • Look for clues in the recording.
  • Watch the braindance.
  • Scan the netrunner's phone.
  • Talk to Judy about the translation chip.
  • Exit the braindance.
  • Talk to Johnny .
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Leave the apartment.


Double Life Walkthrough

The Chapel

  • You'll start this job after you leave the power plant with Evelyn and Judy. V will be on a balcony with Johnny. After speaking to him, turn around and enter the apartment to speak to Judy.
  • After talking to Judy, you can also sit on Evelyn's bed to check up on her, also, you can look around Judy's apartment first. When you're good to go, sit on the chair next to Judy to dive in the first Braindance.
  • For the first braindance, you will have to scan three things in the Visual Layer. (1) at 00:01, inspect the Voodoo Boys hologram above the altar. (2) The mysterious netrunner that's highlighted, you can see the timestamp 00:18. (3) And finally, the flyers that are on the floor at 00:30. Take note that if you visited the chapel before diving in, V will recognize the area. Once you're done, exit the simulation and prepare for the next session.

Evelyn's Second Life

  • Now, during the second braindance simulation, you won't really understand what's going on until Judy installs a language program. To complete this, switch to the Audio Layer and scan the phone to listen in on the conversation. You need to listen from start to finish before you can leave the simulation.
  • Once you're back, Judy asks if you have any idea, answer her with "His contruct's on the biochip.". Judy then leaves you for a while and you'll now have to speak to Johnny. Take note that your answers will influence future conversations in later side jobs that involve Judy.
  • After speaking to Johnny, head to the kitchen and talk to Judy. When she asks about how to get in touch with the Voodoo Boys, answer her with "I'll ask around.". Next is to thank her or tell her you'll see her around. To complete this job, just leave the apartment.


 How to unlock Double Life

Double Life Notes & Tips

  • Bug: If you complete this quest before completing Love Rollercoaster, that quest can't be started as the NPCs disappear.


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    • Anonymous

      It appears that if you get the bug that judy doesn't call you, the best option is to do all of M'ap Tann Pelen quest and the few main quest that follows with the voodoo boys and alt cunningham. Then you should try again to wait 24h in another part of the city (Like Heywood) then go back to pacifica. Then save. Then load an older save.
      Then load the save at pacifica, wait 24h. Then save. Leave the game. load the last save. wait 24h. and then you should receive Judy's call... I hope this bug will get fixed someday but for now you must do all of this satanic ritual to vanquish the bug. Good luck and don't loose hope !

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