Dream On

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Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Charter Hill, City Center
Previous Job
I Fought the Law
Next Job
The Hunt

Dream On is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Dream On can be acquired after completing I Fought the Law and waiting for 48-hours in-game.. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Well, well, special favors for politicians. You think you've got any clout here? The Peralezes might seem like decent and down-to-earth folk - not sitting snug in the corps' pockets like the rest. But they're still part of the ruling elite, V. If they gotta step over you to get to the top, they won't hesitate. Don't believe even for a second that they're any different.


Dream On Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Go to the Peralezs' apartment.
  • Use the intercom.
  • Take the elevator.
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Talk to the Peralezs.
  • Talk to Elizabeth.
  • Let Elizabeth show you around.
  • Examine the apartment.
  • Follow the blood trail.
  • Scan to find where the trail of blood leads.
  • Follow the cables.
  • Find the transmission source.
  • Report back to Elizabeth.
  • Leave the apartment.
  • Look for the Surveillance van.
  • Follow the Surveillance van.
  • Connect to the van's Access Pont.
  • Call Elizabeth.
  • Go to the ramen shop.
  • Sit with Elizabeth.
  • Meet with Jefferson.
  • Talk to Jefferson.


Dream On Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Return to the Peralez

  • To trigger this job, you need to wait for a call from Jefferson Peralez after 48-hours in-game after completing I Fought the Law. You'll basically be asked to return to the penthouse in City Center to meet with the couple. Same way when you enter the apartment building, use the intercom, and then ride the elevator up to the penthouse.
  • Upon arriving, speak to Elizabeth and speak to Jefferson who's by the couch. He'll then mention to V that a break-in occurred in their home and your objective is to scan the apartment for clues. Specifically, anything that's highlighted yellow. If you want to know the clues you need to scan, it will be indicated below.
  • The following clues are; the traces of blood on the floor in the upper-floor hallway by the bedroom. While in scan mode, follow the traces of blood until the trail ends in the media room. Move a piece of furniture and scan to find a hidden door. If you have the required Body level attribute, then you can force open the hidden door to find a secret room behind it.
  • You can also check the computer in the corner of the security room on the lower floor. Read the last message to find the code (6709) which you can use to unlock the computer in the same room that's between the two glass panels. Next, visit the Local Network tab to unlock the secret door.
  • Once you're inside the secret room, scan the computer on the wall and take a look at the cables. Climb up the ladder and the grate to reach the roof and follow the cables, it will take you to an old signal transceiver. Next, examine this, scan the surroundings and focus on the transmission source which is an antenna that's visible from a distance to the west. After that's done, go back to Elizabeth and report to her what you discovered - at this point, it is recommended to create a manual save.

Look for the Surveillance Van

  • Now, leave the apartment and look for the Surveillance Van which is the source of transmission. You need to drive to the area where the van is parked. It's where the scanned antenna is.
  • When you're near, the van will begin to move and it will try to get away from you, so make sure you follow it and don't lose its trail so that you can reach the hideout. If you are too far or you lose it, the job will end, resulting in a fail. So if this does happen, just reload your manual save.
  • If you were able to follow the van, you'll find yourself at a Maelstrom hideout in Norrhside. This area is heavily guarded, so be cautious upon entering. Your goal here is to reach the van and connect to its access point. After you've jacked-in, contact Elizabeth to progress the job.

Report back to the Peralez

  • After you speak to Elizabeth, she'll tell you to meet her at a ramen shop at the Japantown Market. When you arrive, sit next to her and talk to her. Answer her with whatever dialogue option you prefer, since it won't affect the outcome of this job at the moment.
  • Once you've spoken to Elizabeth and then Johnny, head over to the City Center's Reconciliation Park and meet with Jefferson. On the way there you'll get a call from an unknown person warning you about telling Jefferson the truth. When you meet him, sit on the bench and you'll now have to make a decision of telling him the truth about the brainwashing or lie to him as instructed by Elizabeth. Mr. Blue Eye's will be watching you from across the way.
  • If you tell him the truth, choose the following dialogue lines: "It's not Holt, you're being brainwashed.", followed by "They're in your heads, pierced your brain.", followed by "Know anything about the concealed room in your apartment?", next is "Don't count on it - they're too powerful.", followed by "Elizabeth knows everything.", and then "She was protecting you.". You'll then be rewarded handsomely when he leaves, also Johhny praises you  - later on, you'll receive a message from Elizabeth telling V to stay away and leave them to their business, you'll also be blocked from contacting them.
  • If you want to lie to Jefferson and do what Elizabeth instructed you to do, just answer Jefferson with "Don't have much to add.", followed by "SSI was talking money from Holt.", next is "If only corpses could talk." - you'll then receive a message later on from Jefferson regarding an update with Holt. He'll delete his account and Elizabeth will message you and block you.


How to unlock Dream On Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Complete I Fought the Law and wait for 48 hours in-game. You can also skip time if you want.


Dream On Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • €$ 8960


Dream On Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major job.


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    • Anonymous

      So these missions are in line with Sandra Dorset’s mission, correct?


      Her databank you retrieve and can hack goes over Night Corp creating and testing an AI that changes peoples behaviors. At the end it says they are now moving on to the actual target with the conclusion of testing.

      • Anonymous

        Soooo... I know it's probably a seriously moot point at this stage. More likely due to a small hiccup in the coding so to speak BUT; I managed to snag both of the guards alive via non-lethal takedown after brutally gifting every maelstrommer a sticky frag grenade. The guards heads did NOT explode, as they did on my previous run, which is presume is the normal course of action... for obvious reasons. So, I then called Delamain as I had finished his quest at that point, long before, dumped the body of one in the trunk, put the other on top of the Delamain, and made a very slow but deliberate attempt deliver the bodies of both guards alive. Physics prevented me from keeping the guy on the roof alive(der). However, I managed to drop the body of the remaining guard - still alive - on the floor, in front of Eliz, and then Jeff.

        No reaction, what so ever, dialogue OR NPC wise. I expected as much, but... damn I felt like I was robbed of a "HEY! THAT'S A GUY!" moment.

        Unfortunate really. Ah well, I didn't really expect the option to be available with the type of quest this is. Just hope beyond hope... beyond the Black Wall...

        • Anonymous

          Interesting part of this mission I just discovered. If you get to the Maelstrom hideout in time you can you can actually see two veteran guards exit the van then climb up the building towards the roof on the right where a cloaked transport craft is waiting to pick them up and evac them.
          One of these guards carries an encrypted note that is suspending all operation of "Project Condin" with team black being the last to withdraw. Unfortunately it doesn't give any more information as to who is behind this.

          • Anonymous

            The concealed apartment part is a non-essential option, doesn’t progress the dialogue, the essential one is “They’re conditioning you, remotely”, if you wanna tell Jefferson the truth.

            • Anonymous

              You can also try to call Jefferson directly after hacking the van, but he simply redirects you to Elizabeth.
              Also (I'm assuming this is triggered by fixing the screen in the apartment and getting a dose of neural reprogramming) you will get an anonymous call before the final meeting telling you to mind your own business.
              Connecting this to Sandra Dorsett questline and Operation Carpe Noctem datashard, it seems obvious the Night Corp is the baddie here.

              • Anonymous

                You can acually repair the TV monitor on the other side of the monitoring room if you have 16 Technical Ability, but I can't recommend it cause V and Johnny gets a dose of the Peralezes medicine, if you catch my drift.

                • Anonymous

                  Made a post in a wrong article like an idiot.
                  But found Mr. Blue Eyes, spying on you and Jeff in the Park. You can't shoot or interact with Mr Blue eyes, or for that matter reach him in any way it seems.
                  If you look into the computers you find along the way, it mentions BLUE, ORANGE and such.

                  • Anonymous

                    But Elizabeth asks V to lie and to NOT tell her husband. Not the other way around :-P you should correct that :)

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