Gash Antipersonnel Grenade

Variable DPS
Variable Damage
4m Blast Radius
5 Seconds
  • Activates 21 lasers that deal damage for 5 seconds

Gash Antipersonnel Grenade is a Grenade in Cyberpunk 2077. Grenades are explosive items that can be thrown by hand to deal damage to a group of enemies or inflict high DPS on a single target. There are a variety of grenades that can affect enemies in different ways and deal different types of damage.


In-Game Description


Gash Antipersonnel Grenade Information

  • Type: Regular
  • Blast Radius: 4 meters
  • Damage Type:
  • Effects: Activates 21 lasers that deal damage for 5 seconds.


Gash Antipersonnel Grenade Acquiring

  • Location: At the entrance to the mobile camp, near where you meet Panam in Riders on the Storm.
  • The crafting spec can be found at an assault in progress in Rancho Coronado at the following location (precisely on hte player arrow)



Gash Antipersonnel Grenade  Notes & Tips

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