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Gimme Danger is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Gimme Danger can be acquired after completing Down on the Street and waiting 24 hours in-game. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Our crazed ronin shows no signs of slowing his roll. We barely get intel from Wakako about the parade and Takemura's already hatching some hairbraned scheme in Japantown. He wants to meet at the market? Fine, let's parley, but you already know where I stand. Don't let him strong-arm you into anything. Who knows how many loose screws are bouncing around that skull at this points...


Gimme Danger Objectives

  • Meet Takemura.
  • Go over the plan with Takemura.
  • Take the shard.
  • Break into the security room.
  • Infect the security system.
  • Go to Arasaka Industrial Park.
  • Follow Takemura.
  • Scan the area.
  • (Optional) Keep scanning.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Return to street level.
  • Break into Arasaka Industrial Park.
  • Get inside the warehouse.
  • Hack the float.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Leave Arasaka Industrial Park.


Gimme Danger Walkthrough

Meet with Takemura

  • Once you've completed Down on the Street and have waited for Takemura's call after 24 hours in-game, you'll receive an update from him.
  • Head over to the market area of Japantown and meet Takemura to go over the plan. Ride the public lift to find him on the upper section. Speak to him when you find him and take the shard to start the briefing.
  • Next, you will need to break into the security room. You can gain access if you can force-open the door with 6 Body attribute or by going through the elevated grate that's on the left. Once you're in, jack into the access point on the terminal.
  • After that's done, climb up the ladder and go back to Takemura who's waiting outside. Follow him and sit by the food stall with him.
  • At the end of the conversation, you will have to make a decision that will either result in befriending him. You either join him at breaking in the industrial park or let him take care of it on his own. Of course, the obvious choice is to accompany him. You'll be taken to the Arasaka Industrial Park after agreeing to help him.

Break into Arasaka Industrial Park

  • When you arrive, follow Takemura to the lift and press the button to reach the roof where you'll reach a vantage point. The goal is to scan the ones that are highlighted yellow for clues. But don't just focus on those four points but also other options. First, you'll find a lone guard on the far left side, outside the park's perimeter.
  • If you chose the Corpo life path, you can hear him freak out and later, try to convince him to open the gate. Next, even further on the left, you'll find an Arasaka van. If you scan the van, you can use it to drive into the compound. After the reconnaissance, go back to the street level with Takemura. Now, there are three ways to enter the park and it will be indicated below.
  • The float that you need to reach can be found in the large warehouse across the industrial park where you'll start. There are many ways to approach and infiltrate this area, so make sure you were able to scan from the vantage point to find possible options. Be cautious as well if you decide to sneak in since there are many cameras, guards, and mechanical enemies here.
  • To complete this job, leave the industrial park and head back down to the street level.

Ways to infiltrate the Industrial Park:

  • Using the footbridge is an option here. Climb onto the crates on the worksite where you scanned the site and neutralize or sneak past the two guards there.
  • Follow the path to the security building and take out the guard inside that's sitting in front of the screen. Next, head down the stairs and navigate through the service tunnel to reach the warehouse on the other side of the compound.
  • You can reach it by going through the double door, just watch out for the CCTV and avoid it to be seen.

Alternate options:

  • An alternate route is by taking the side entrance, just take a short walk past the facility's front door. If you used the van to sneak into the compound, this is where you'll also end up at.
  • Now, distract the guard using the surveillance camera and crouch-walk to the pile of pallets that are past the security booth. Next, hop onto the blue barrels, followed by the gas tank, and then the adjacent rooftop. This will then lead you a few meters away from a door that will lead to the warehouse with the floats.
  • Another way is if you are playing with Corpo life path, you can speak to the lone guard by the gate and choose the "Unscheduled inspection" dialogue line to convince him to open the gate for you. (Must scan him from the vantage point earlier to identify the guard)
    • This is the guard on the left by the gate you highlight, it can be tricky to trigger the dialog option, you must listen to the guard's conversation first.
  • Once you're inside the sentries won't be hostile against you and this will allow you to reach the double door leading to the warehouse building without triggering any combat.


 How to unlock Gimme Danger


Gimme Danger Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Gimme Danger Notes & Tips

  • The title of this Main job comes from The Stooges song, Gimme Danger.
  • Other notes & player tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      I found two purple perk spikes whilst on this mission, one in the security room and one in a building in front of the warehouse. Major bug while playing this mission I could only gain access to the passenger side of the Arasaka vehicle so couldn’t drive it. However when I went into the compound all enemies were green in the scan and didn’t react to me.

      • Anonymous

        Prototype: Shingen Mark V Iconic Legendary SMG is in one of the trucks back, there is a land mine in it you will need to disarm. This is in the Area outside of the warehouse.

        • Anonymous

          I caught the exact same bug. I still cannot understand exactly how it happened. All I did was try to get into the car and drive under the guise of a driver. Did not work. I was immediately discovered. I don't know what I did wrong. I rebooted several times and ended up having this bug with friendly arasaka in this location. Moreover, this location remained friendly after the completion of missions.

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