Hacking is a mechanic introduced in Cyberpunk 2077 which allows the player to bypass terminals, CCTV, sentry guns or any other hardware sytem in the world of Cyberpunk.

Hacking can be categorised into 2 sections: Quickhacking, and Hacking Access Points with Breach Protocol.

Quickhacks are the programs you install on your cyberdeck and then cast on enemies. 

Daemons refer to the malware you upload when you successfully complete sequences in the Breach Protocol mini-game.


Breach Protocol Information

The Breach Protocol mini-game enables you to hack each network you encounter. While standard quickhacks usually work on single targets, the Breach Protocol quickhack has the unique benefit of affecting all targets in the network.

Physical Breach: When you connect physically to a device such as an access point or a computer, a successful hack rewards you primarily with datamining resources: money on a regular basis, but also, potentially, hacking-specific crafting components and even quickhacks.

Remote Breach: When you initiate Breach Protocol remotely casting it on an enemy, for example — the mini-game features multiple objectives in accordance with the daemons that you have unlocked in the Breach Protocol Perk tree. Every sequence you successfully add to your buffer will yield its own reward. Remember, you can activate different daemons simultaneously if you complete their sequence.

You can improve your chances of success in various ways:

  • By extending the breach time (the amount of time you have to complete each puzzle).
  • By increasing the buffer size (how many characters you can select).
  • By reducing the length of the daemon data sequence (how many characters are required to complete a sequence).

This can be achieved primarily by purchasing Perks under the Breach Protocol skill, by gaining levels in that same skill, and by equipping advanced cyberdecks. Maxing out the Breach Protocol skill and Perk tree is highly recommended for a netrunner, making it possible to trigger powerful, multilayered effects every time you complete the mini-game.


RAM Information

The quickhacks you can cast on remote targets are the ones that you equipped in your cyberdeck's slots. In very simple terms: equip a quickhack and you can then cast it. Each cyberdeck has a predefined number of slots: the more available, the greater flexibility this gives you in the midst of the action.

See our Cyberdeck and QUICKHACKS page for more information. 

One ever-present consideration with quickhacks is the limited resource they consume when you cast them: RAM. Each quickhack has a base cost that can be reduced by, for instance, successfully uploading the ICEpick daemon during a Breach Protocol sequence, or by unlocking specific Perks. Costs also scale (up or down) based on the level difference between you and your target.

If you're seeking to improve your ability to bend the world to your will with quickhacks, there are two parameters that you should look to improve whenever possible:

  • Max RAM: You can increase the size of your RAM meter via character progression and by equipping superior cyberware. The larger your meter, the more quickhacks you can cast success!
  • RAM Regeneration: You can also improve the rate at which y RAM meter replenishes over time. With a high restore speed, your gauge can fill fast enough that you will rarely run out of memo default, you regenerate RAM only outside combat (after a five delay), at a rate of 18 RAM units per minute.

You can increase your RAM through following methods:



Max Ram

Character progression Intelligence: 20 attribute points +7
Quickhacking skill: Level 5 +1
Quickhacking skill: Level 10 +1
Quickhacking skill: Level 20 +1
Quickhacking skill: Level 8 +1
Quickhacking skill: Level 13 +1
Cyberware Ex-Disk (Rare quality) +1
Ex-Disk (Epic quality) +3
Ex-Disk (Legendary quality) +5
Miltech Paraline +2
Arasaka Mk.3 +8
Arasaka Mk.4 +10
BioDyne Mk.1 +6
BioDyne Mk.2 +9
Biotech Mk.1 +5
Biotech Mk.2 +7
Biotech Mk.3 +10
Fuyutsui Electronics Mk.1 +3
Fuyutsui Tinkerer Mk.3 +8
NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 +11
Raven Microcyber Mk.3 +8
Raven Microcyber Mk.4 +10
Seacho Electronics Mk.1 +4
Seacho Electronics Mk.2 +6
Stephenson Tech Mk.2 +6
Stephenson Tech Mk.3 +8
Stephenson Tech Mk.4 +10
Tetratronic Mk.1 +4
Tetratronic Mk.2 +6
Tetratronic Mk.3 +8
Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 +10
Consumables RAM Jolt +2


Methods to increase RAM regeneration




Regeneration Rate

Character progression Biosynergy (Quickhacking Perk)

Enables RAM to recover during combat.

Tier 1: +4 RAM per minute.
Tier 2: +8 RAM per minute.
Tier 3: +12 RAM units per minute.

Master RAM Liberator (Quickhacking Trait) Increases RAM recovery rate by 50%. Each further perk point spent in the Trait adds another +1%.
Cyberware Common RAM Upgrade (Frontal Cortex) +4 RAM per minute
Uncommon RAM Upgrade (Frontal Cortex) +8 RAM per minute
Rare RAM Upgrade (Frontal Cortex) +12 RAM per minute
BioDyne Mk.2 (Cyberdeck) +4 RAM per minute
Biotech Mk.1 (Cyberdeck) +8 RAM per minute
Biotech Mk.2 (Cyberdeck) +12 RAM per minute
Biotech Mk.3 (Cyberdeck) +12 RAM per minute
Raven Microcyber Mk.3 (Cyberdeck) +4 RAM per minute
Raven Microcyber Mk.4 (Cyberdeck) +8 RAM per minute
Fuyutsui Tinkerer Mk.3 +12 RAM per minute
NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 +12 RAM per minute


Devices Quickhack





Distract Causes a device to malfunction, drawing the attention of nearby guards. Appliance, Arcade Machine, Billboard, Computer, Disposal Device, Lights, Forklift, etc.
Remote Activation Enables you to activate a device remotely - for example, to open a door or to turn a surveillance camera on or off. Advanced netrunners can use this to hack locking mechanisms that normally require a pin code, such as door terminals. Smart Glass, Door, Electric Light, Elevator, Explosives, Switch, Terminal, Turrets etc.
Take Control Enables you to operate devices such as surveillance cameras and turrets; you can use this to tag enemies within range of the device and, in the case of turrets, to open fire. Surveillance Camera, Turret
Friendly Mode Swaps the device's target recognition system and detects targets your enemies instead of you. Explosives, Security Gate, Surveillance Camera, Turret
Assist Mode Turrets forced into assist mode will attack targets that you have tagged as a priority. Turret
Steal Data Used contextually during missions that require you to retrieve data from a specific computer. Computer, Laptop, Terminal
Overload Causes a device to short-circuit or explode, potentially harming nearby targets. Bench Press Machine, Explosives, Fusebox, Generator, Netrunner Chair, Reflector, Smoke Machine, Speaker, Surveillance Camera

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