Head Armor in Cyberpunk 2077  is an Armor category. In the year 2077, fashion has evolved into various styles such as the Generic Chic, the Edgerunner, Urban Flash, and many more -  and every single style became a big statement for each individual. What you choose to wear determines everything about you. This page covers a list of the different headwear that can be found, purchased, and obtained in Cyberpunk 2077.



Cyberpunk 2077 Head Armor

Head armor protects V's head from damage. There are many examples of Head Armor, such as Balaclavas, Caps, Hats, Helmets or Scarfs.


Head Armor Stats by Rarity

Item Level

Armor Rating

Max Mod Slots

30 5.4/5.4/5.4/5.4/5.4 0/0/1/2/3
250 30.9/30.9/30.9/30.9/30.9 0/0/1/2/3
500 59.9/59.9/59.9/59.9/59.9 0/0/1/2/3


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