Power Weapon       Legendary / Iconic
hypercritical iconic power weapon cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
1,040.8 DPS
1317-1610 Damage
0.71 Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • Thermal DMG
  • Crit Chance
  • Crit DMG
  • Bonus Ricochet DMG
  • Burn Chance
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier
Sturdy design and Tiny Mike's mods - on explosive combination. Bullets detonate knocking down enemies while the final one always deals critical damage.

Upgrade Slots
  • Empty Mod Slot
  • Empty Mod Slot

Hypercritical is an Iconic Melee Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Hypercritical is an assault rifle that comes with Thermal damage and Burn chance. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts. Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are special Weapons with unique perks attached to them that can't be found on any other weapon and are particular for each of them. Most Iconic Weapons can be obtained by completing certain Jobs and searching in specific areas of a Location. This weapon was newly added in the Edgerunners Update (Patch 1.6).


Tiny Mike somehow got a hold of this Serbian gem annd turned it into a masterpiece of weaponry.


Where to Find Hypercritical in Cyberpunk 2077

  • This weapon can be obtained from the Gig Concrete Cage Trap. This can be found once you've gotten to Tiny Mike in the bathroom. You can get the weapon on the left side on top of the sink.


Hypercritical Weapon Information

  • Base Weapon: Rostović Kolac
  • This iconic weapon has a modifier that causes a guaranteed knockdown effect when hit, deals CRIT DMG, and chance to burn enemies due to its Thermal Damage.


Hypercritical Weapon Upgrades

Hypercritical has the following upgrade slots

  • x2 Empty Mod Slots


Hypercritical Weapon Notes and Tips

  • Weapon Weight: 7.8
  • This weapon belonged to Tiny Mike.


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