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I Walk the Line is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. I Walk the Line can be acquired after completing M'ap Tann Pelen. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


I'm sick of this Placide mother****er as much as you, but at least the fog has lifted, the goal is clear. You find a netrunner in the GIM and the Voodoo goons will set up a meet-n-greet with their queen. Pros? Maybe I'll actually get to see a legit netrunner, 'cause it's sure starting to feel like an extinct species these days. Someone who's got the guts to square off against the Voodoos has given me some hope, at least. But the cons? Damn near any minute your brain could start dripping out your ears. Afraid we won't have time to make pilgrimmages to the monuments of Pacifica's Golden Age.


I Walk the Line Objectives

  • Leave Batty's Hotel.
  • Meet with Placide's people.
  • Enter the mall.
  • Find the van in the lobby.
  • Reach and connect to the van.
  • Find the agent in the cinema.
  • Deal with Sasquatch.
  • Confront the agent.
  • Leave the Grand Imperial Mall.
  • Head to Batty's Hotel.
  • Meet with Placide in Batty's Hotel and talk to him.
  • Talk to Brigitte.


I Walk the Line Walkthrough


  • You'll automatically unlock this job right after speaking to Placide in Batty's Hotel. The objective is to make your way to the Grand Imperial Mall and meet up with the NetWatch agent in the cinema's projection room.
  • Head to the front of the location and speak to Placide's lackey. They'll tell you that there's a way in from the back. Now, there are two ways to approach this job which involves you following Placide's instructions. Connect to the access point on the van, fight against Sasquatch before reaching the NetWatch agent. Or, you can bypass both the van and Sasquatch and head directly to the agent. The details will be explained below.

The NetWatch Agent

  • Upon reaching the agent, he will explain the situation and make an offer. This is an important choice you will have to be careful of since if you accept the agent's deal, there will be consequences for Brigitte and the Netrunners. It will result in the Voodoo Boys to become hostile towards V. But if you reject his offer, V will stick to the original plan. Your choice here will determine how the main job "Transmission" will end.

Return to Batty's Hotel

  • After confronting the agent, leave the mall, and meet up with the Voodoo boys outside. You can either go with Placide's men or just go back to Batty's Hotel on your own.
  • When you arrive, look for Placide in the workroom and speak to him. Shortly after, you'll meet Brigitte. To complete this quest, just take the offer she makes. This will also trigger the next job, Transmission.
  • If you refuse, you'll have to return later on. But most likely, she'll be gone and you need to contact her again. Only this time, you'll have to meet her at the chapel.


I Walk the Line: Infiltrating GIM

Follow Placide's Instructions

Ground Floor

  • If you follow Placide's instructions, basically, you will need to connect to the access point on the van, fight against Sasquatch before reaching the NetWatch agent. The first thing you need to do is to work your way through the mall's ground floor. Take note that the area is swarming with members of the Animals gang.
  • Despite being outnumbered, if you are smart and careful, you can use stealth to your advantage and use covers to avoid being seen. Now, from the back entrance, there are two sentries mounted on motorbikes. Make your way to the garage where you'll encounter the first enemies.
  • You can use the crates here so that you can get on an elevated platform. This will lead you to the fitness center, but before reaching it, you will enter a corridor that's guarded by one enemy and a camera. Make sure you hack the camera so that you won't alert the rest of them and then take out the single guard with stealth.
  • Make sure you are still crouching as you approach the Fitness Center's entrance since there will be two men talking. Turn right, get on above the bar and keep moving alongside the right until you reach the atrium.
  • Upon reaching the ground floor of the Fitness Center, head to the left and make sure you're just at the left-hand side until you reach the van. As you approach it, scan and tag the enemies as you go and be cautious of your surroundings.
  • After connecting to the van, head to the upper floor where you'll find Sasquatch and her patrols roaming outside the cinema. This is where you will need to fight Sasquatch before you reach the entrance and head towards the projection room to confront the agent.


  • When you reach the corridor before the Fitness Center, if you have the required Body or Technical Ability attribute, you can open the doors that are on the right. This gives you access to a shortcut that will lead you straight to the upper floor - this way, you won't have to face any enemies until Sasquatch and her lackeys.

Skip the Van and Sasquatch

  • Fight or sneak your way through the Animals on the Ground Floor and reach the Upper Floor.
  • When you reach the upper floor, head to the Kabayan Foods Restaurant, and instead of heading past it towards the van, head inside and slip through the exit that's on the opposite. Here, you'll be able to reach the cinema.
  • From there, make sure you stay hidden and use the cover to avoid being seen by Sasquatch. And when the path is clear, you can sneak your way through the entrance and you'll be able to find the NetWatch agent in the cinema's projection room.


 How to unlock I Walk the Line


I Walk the Line Rewards

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I Walk the Line Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes and player tips go here.


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      On the left of the doors there is a ledge above the "Kabayan foods" sign. I jumped up on the ledge to see if it goes anywhere. ran all the way to the left then all the way to the right and tried jumping on a little scaffold thing. When realizing it didn't go anywhere I looked for another way... BUT now the gate on the far right was open.... idk why it opened or what I did to make it open.

      Just wanted to say the steps I did before it opened. Hopefully that works for some of you

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