Jackie Welles

General Info
Class Solo
Location Japantown, Westbrook

Jackie Welles (2047-2077) is an NPC in Cyberpunk 2077. Jackie Welles is a mercenary. NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 can interact with V and add contrast to the game's story, they provide various information, some give Quests, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.


Background Information about Jackie Welles

A gun for hire, Jackie is a highly-skilled assassin. In the Wild West setting, he'd surely be a gunslinger or a bounty hunter. 2077 has him as a cyberpunk, just outside the big league. And he really wants to get into the game. Jackie seems to have Latino heritage as he usually curses and insults in Spanish.

Jackie is an accomplished solo, a dedicated family man, former Valentino, and Heywood native. The Jackie you grow to know is unique to your chosen Life Path. Corpo V already has him as a trusted friend and partner, Street Kid V gets screwed over by him (before teaming up once **** hits the fan), while Nomad V meets him on the job - but quickly bond after evading the ruthless Arasaka agents in The Badlands.

Whichever Jackie you meet, you'll soon see why V is drawn to him no matter what; he's the catalyst for V's career as an outlaw mercenary. The one thing Jackie's chasing no matter the consequences? The gig of a lifetime. Just one big job, and you're set for life.



Jackie Welles Location

  • Jackie can be found in different locations and situations depending on the lifepath you chose. As a Corpo, Jackie is already your friend, if you select Nomad, you meet him to smuggle some goods, and as a Streetkid, both meet trying to steal the same Aerondight.


Jackie Welles Related Quests

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Nomad / The Streetkid / The Corpo-Rat

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxPractice Makes Perfect

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Rescue

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Ripperdoc

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Ride

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Pickup

objective_icon_quests_cyberpunk_2077_wiki_guide_30pxThe Heist


Notes and Trivia about Jackie Welles

  • ???
  • The sports car used in the demo is actually Jackie's not V's.



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