Johnny's Aviators

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Johnny's Aviators are a a piece of clothing in Cyberpunk 2077Clothing in cyberpunk 2077 are a collection of garments that allow the player to choose and create their own aesthetics for V. Style and appearance work together with the personality you create for your character.


Johnny's Aviators Information

  • Rarity: Rare


Where the Johnny's Aviators is found/bought


Johnny's Aviators Notes and Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      Crafting the upgraded versions of Johnny's clothes gives you random additional effect (sometimes you don't get one at all) and a random number of mod slots with them already filled with random (usually crappy) mods. Bizarre.

      • Anonymous

        I know there's a bug but what annoys me is that its not red like what Johnny's actually wearing. Even in a cyberpunk rpg red aviators are still fucking rare.

        • Anonymous

          I managed to upgrade the aviators to legendary quality, and noticed some things:

          - Each quality upgrade creates a new instance of the item, instead of deleting the old lower quality one and giving you one with the new quality. Right now i have 3 of JOHNNY'S AVIATORS, a rare, epic and legendary;

          - The JOHNNY'S AVIATORS legendary comes already equiped with 2 legendary quality mods;

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