Judy Alvarez

General Info
Role Braindance Technician
Location Lizzie's Bar, Watson.

Judy Alvarez (born March 13, 2048) is an NPC in Cyberpunk 2077. Judy Alvarez Short Description. NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 can interact with V and add contrast to the game's story, they provide various information, some give Quests, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.


Background Information about Judy Alvarez

Judy is a brilliant braindance innovator redefining her society’s most important cultural vehicle. As Night City’s foremost braindance technician, she blew up established braindance techniques, mixed them together, and spiced them up with liberal borrowings from other media. She wasn’t content to merely use her talents to entertain, however. That’s how she got involved with The Mox, the plight of prostitutes working in Night City’s pleasure houses, and, ultimately, V.


Judy Alvarez Romance Guide


  • Life Path Preference: Any
  • Gender Preference: Female V

Judy Alvarez is introduced early on in the game. Judy acts as the operator of V's Braindance, allowing her to gather intel. Eventually, you'll come to a point near the end of Act One, where you'll obtain an optional objective to call Judy, if this shows up, make sure to give her a call.

Once you and Judy have made acquaintances, you'll need to complete her string of Side Jobs which involves liberating the establishment called Clouds. There are 5 Side Jobs related to Judy that you'll need to complete before reaching Pyramid Song. Pyramid Song is the last side job related to Judy where you'll be able to make a move.

During the Pyramid Song quest, check up on Judy inside the bathroom, comfort her, and choose [Touch] to kiss her. This will result in romancing Judy. Now, she is a potential character with whom you can have a long-lasting relationship and which can also affect the Ending of the game. The next morning, when you wake up, go outside and speak to Judy who's sitting by the docks.

She will then ask you about what happened last night. If you want to close the relationship you can choose, 'A Pleasant Distraction'. But choosing 'The beginning of something amazing.' will allow you to have a relationship with her. If this happens, Judy will give you access to her apartment where you can drop by to rest, spend time with her, and stash your equipment.

Note about Judy in 'All along the Watchtower ending' (slight spoiler) - During the Mission Nocturne Op55N1 toward the end, you'll have a big choice to make regarding how the ending plays out. It's possible to see a few extra 'good ending' scenes with Judy under the following further conditions: You need to have completed Panam's questline previously (and remained friends), and you MUST choose to call Judy when prompted by Johnny in the Nocturne Op55N1 mission, after which you take the route of asking Panam for help, then follow through to the epilogue scene to talk to Judy again. If you skip calling Judy, she will not appear in the epilogue.


Judy Alvarez Location


Judy Alvarez Related Quests


Notes and Trivia about Judy Alvarez

  • Judy's Zodiac sign is the "Pisces", in which she is heavily based off of in character design (tattoos, her apartment, hair color, etc.) and portrayed as.
  • Judy seems to be a Radiohead fan. She has a tattoo which reads "There was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt" (below her "13" tattoo). While this is a common saying in Buddhism, it also features in the Radiohead song "Pyramid Song". The last quest of Judy's arc is called Pyramid Song, and the events of the quest seem to take inspiration from Radiohead's lyrics as well as the official video for the song which depicts a diver exploring underwater ruins.
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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2021 09:40  

      I didn't realize Judy was lesbian until after I completed her side jobs and searched online to find out why I couldn't romance her as Male V. Oh well...

      • Anonymous

        28 Dec 2020 22:16  

        Did my game bug out or, did anyone notice the character icon in the mini map out in the water just below the deck Judy is sitting on? It's marked Evelyn. You can even scan the exact location to see it's marked Evelyn Parker. Either a small detail the devs put in showing Judy buried Evelyn in the place that means the most to her or, it's an oddly appropriate bug. Either way, It freaked me out a bit.

        • Anonymous

          26 Dec 2020 18:55  

          Opted to comfort Judy after she talked about the heavy murder murder gang takeover stuff. Apparently I would've gotten a romance if I had kissed her instead. Honestly just feels weird :-\

          • Anonymous

            17 Dec 2020 16:06  

            Is it just me or are the notes of "HELOOOO" bugged? Because after asking her for pictures she does not send any.

            • Anonymous

              16 Dec 2020 07:04  

              So i got the game because i wanted to romance judy, only partially tho. And now im about 40h into the game and i come across this wiki telling me i cant romance her cuz i played as a male V. Im so disappointed rn;-;

              • Anonymous

                15 Dec 2020 23:33  

                GOG PC Release

                Quest: Pyramid Song

                ISSUE: Judy Is still at her apartment when she is supposed to have moved to Oregon after the quest Pyramid Song is complete. Judy's MOX shotgun equipped on player has missing Iconic textures.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Dec 2020 17:57  

                  judy said she sent something to my apartment , i cant find where it is in the apartment , i cant find the package

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