Kiroshi Optics Fragments in Cyberpunk 2077 are a type of Mod. Mods in Cyberpunk 2077 are modifications that can be used to improve both Weapons and Armor in terms of both stats and usage. Players may use them to improve and change gear effects and adapt their playstyle accordingly. Mods can be used in equipment with at least one Mod slot. Players can assign and replace Mods from the Inventory Menu.



CYBERPUNK 2077 Kiroshi Optics Fragments

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target analysis cyberware cyberpunk2077 wiki guide
Target Analysis


All weapons become non-lethal.
Headshots do not deal additional damage.
Smart Weapons primarily target limbs

explosives analysis cyberware cyberpunk2077 wiki guide
Explosive Analysis


Grenade trajectory and area of effect are visible

threat detector cyberware cyberpunk2077 wiki guide
Threat Detector


Enemies that detect you are automatically highlighted

trajectory analysis cyberware mod cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
Trajectory Analysis


Increases bonus damage from headshots by 50'%



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