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Side Job (Minor)
Afterlife, Watson
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Kold Mirage is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Kold Mirage can be acquired by purchasing the "Spellbook" from Nix at the Afterlife, or reading the "Notice of Expiration" datashard in Revere Courier Services  office during the "Many Ways to Skin a Cat" gig. Either way, the job starts with a set of coordinates that lead to the landfill where Dexter DeShawn's corpse is located.


Kold Mirage Objectives

  • See where the coordinates lead.
  • Open the freezer.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Scan the freezer.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Take the deck.
  • Go to the Afterlife and talk to Nix.
  • Place the deck on Nix's desk.
  • Wait for Nix to finish the decryption.
  • Find a way to save Nix.
  • Talk to Nix.


Kold Mirage Walkthrough

Collect the deck

  • Buy the spellbook from Nix at the Afterlife, or find the "Notice of Expiration" datashard.
  • Follow the quest marker to the junkyard to the east of Night City.
  • Open the freezer, talk to Johnny, then scan the freezer and pick up Bartmoss' Deck.
  • Bring the deck to Nix at the Afterlife.
  • When Nix attempts to decrypt the deck, he is knocked unconscious.

Save Nix

There are 2 options to save Nix, however, the quest reward is the same for both.

  • You can save Nix by interacting with the electrical box next to the door, which results in the data being wiped.
  • You can save Nix by successfully data-mining Nix's laptop.
  • This choice is bugged for many players. Wait until Nix has completely stopped moving before attempting to hack the laptop, or it won't work. Once you have either turned off the power or completed the decryption, talk with Nix to receive your reward.


How to unlock Kold Mirage

Option 1

  • Complete Ghost Town.
  • Talk to Nix at the Afterlife, and purchase the Spellbook relic.

Option 2

  • Start the Many Ways to Skin a Cat gig.
  • Enter the front office of the Revere Courier Services warehouse (located on the ground floor, accessible from the parking lot).
  • Read the "Notice of Expiration" datashard, which can be found on a desk in the front office.

Kold Mirage Rewards

Quickhack Daemons:

  • Reboot Optics
  • System Reset
  • Sonic Shock
  • Short Circuit
  • Memory Wipe


Kold Mirage Notes & Tips

  • This is a minor side job.


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    • Anonymous

      27 Jan 2021 07:12  

      It should be noted that you can also start this mission by going exactly to the location where Dexter Deshawn’s body is. I never started the “Many Way To Skin A Cat” Gig and was free roaming when I stumbled upon the location and found Bartmoss’ body

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2021 04:16  

        Even though Nix didn't move anymore, I wasn't able to hack into the laptop. You'll need to have a cyberdeck equipped in order to do that. If you're running with a berserk or sandevistan, it won't work.

        • Anonymous

          01 Jan 2021 04:30  

          You can start this quest directly from the dump, but you have to have seen Nix at the afterlife - he shows up to give Rogue the intel chip on Hellman. Ghost Town should be started, but doesn't have to be completed.

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