Tier 2 / Iconic
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Attack Speed 4.91
Damage 24.38
Reload Speed 0.90
Effective Range 31.50
Weapon Handling 6.74
+150% Headshot Damage Multiplier
+10% Crit Chance

Thanks to highest-grade mods, the user can take advantage of richochet technology even if they do not possess the required cyberware. Reduced recoil and an increased rate of fire make up for the smaller magazine size. It's as deadly as it is elegant.
Scope Slot
Muzzle Slot
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Kongou is an Iconic Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Kongou combines reliability with a good headshot damage multiplier and an efficient reload time. It also provides a critical chance for those aiming for critical hits.


How to get Kongou in Cyberpunk 2077

Kongou can be found at:

Can be found during The Heist - Act 1, at Yorinobu's penthouse, on the nightstand.
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Cyberpunk 2077 Kongou Bonuses

Kongou provides the following bonuses:

+150% Headshot Damage Multiplier
+10% Crit Chance


Cyberpunk Kongou Upgrades

Kongou has the following upgrade slots

  • Scope Slot
  • Muzzle Slot


Kongou Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      God I love this thing, Fires as fast as you can click, and the reduced recoil makes it a fucking Laserbeam. Burns through bullets tho

      • Anonymous

        Somehow if you fully mod the legendary version of this gun, the game can't display the pop-up stat screen for it because it's too big for the screen :(

        • Anonymous

          I missed this gun during my play through. I’m a completionist so this it’s painful. I really hope there will be a way to acquire it afterwards.

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