Last Caress

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Arasaka Estate
Previous Job
Nocturne Op55N1
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Last Caress is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Last Caress can be acquired after completing Nocturne Op55N1 and deciding to ask for Hanako's help. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


That's all, folks! Little Johnny can go to sleep while the grown-ups fix their big ol' mess. All I know's that you cut a deal with Arasaka - you help Hanako knock Yorinobu off his pedestal in return for help with the Relic. You already know where I stand. You've got better things to dream about than a rockerboy's mad ravings. Just make sure this little dream of yours doesn't turn into a nightmare.


Last Caress Objectives

  • Talk to Hanako Arasaka.
  • Head to the estate.
  • Neutralize the elite guards. (4/4)
  • Neutralize the rest of the guards.
  • Find Hanako.
  • Talk to Hanako.
  • Follow Hanako.
  • Enter the AV.


Last Caress Walkthrough

Neutralize the Elite Guards

  • For this quest, you will travel to the residence where Hanako Arasaka is held captive. Luckily, Andres Hellman will bring you there. You'll be able to meet him at Misty's shop before Nocturne Op55N1 ends. Your goal is to take out the Elite Guards and escape the premises with Hanako via an AV.
  • The elite guards can be found in the following areas, the kitchen, the pool section, the mansion's entrance hall, and one patrolling the walkway overlooking the room where Hanako is in.
  • Take note that there are other forces here as well, not just the four elite guards. The recommended way to approach this is again, through stealth, take out any enemies that are in your way, avoid alerting the rest of the enemies, and kill each elite guard one by one. Use your hacking abilities as well to create distractions if needed.
  • A recommended approach here is to crouch-walk alongside the wall to the west side of the garden until you reach the residence. You can slip through the door in the northwest corner of the building to avoid being seen by the rest of the guards.
  • Once you've taken out all four elite guards, work your way to the bedroom where Hanako is and follow her to the AV. You'll automatically proceed to Arasaka Tower to start the infiltration.


 How to unlock Last Caress

  • To unlock this job, complete Nocturne Op55N1 and at the balcony rooftop with Johnny Silverhand, choose the dialogue where you ask for Hanako's help to infiltrate Arasaka Tower.


Last Caress Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Last Caress Notes & Tips

  • The quest title "Last Caress" is a probable reference to the Misfits song of the same name.
  • Other note and player tips go here.


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