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Life During Wartime is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Life During Wartime can be acquired after completing Lightning Breaks. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


An AV full of corpo-rats drowned in the dust and sand - a beautiful sight. Sucks for the nomads though, especially Panam. Looks like our dame keeps losing everything she loves. Correction - almost everything. In other news, Hellman's surely shitting his pants knowing that the game's up. He's all yours. Just be careful - those Kang Tao pissheads won't be going down without a fight.


Life During Wartime Objectives

  • Take out the drones.
  • Wait for Panam to fix the turret.
  • Reach the AV.
  • Scan the crashed AV
  • (Optional) Scan the area for signs of the Aldecaldos.
  • (Optional) Scan the Kang Tao operatives.
  • (Optional) Scan for the combat drones.
  • Scan the area for Mitch.
  • Check out the crash site.
  • Take out the turret.
  • Defeat the Kang Tao operatives.
  • Wait for Panam.
  • Get in the AV.
  • Talk to the Pilot.
  • Talk to Mitch.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Scan the tracks.
  • Follow the Kang Tao's tracks.
  • (Optional) Defeat the Kang Tao operatives on the airship.
  • Go to the gas station with Panam.
  • Find Hellman at the gas station.
  • Get to the upper floor of the gas station to find Hellman.
  • Confront Hellman and knock him out.
  • Call Takemura and speak to him.
  • Pick Hellman up.
  • Take Anders outside.
  • Put Hellman down.
  • Talk to Hellman.


Life During Wartime Walkthrough

Car Chase

  • You'll automatically unlock this immediately after completing Lightning Breaks. Still in Panam's car, as she drives to the location, you'll have to fight against the drones. Jack in the terminal in the vehicle and connect to the turret. Don't worry when the turret malfunctions, Panam will help and she'll fix it.
  • When you reach the area, jack in the terminal again to scout the area ahead. Make use of this so that you can scan for the positions of the forces of Kang Tao, the rest of the drones, look for Mitch, and for any life signs of the Aldecaldos. Your main objective is to look for Mitch, the rest are optional. Once you've familiarized yourself with the area, disconnect.
  • You'll have dialogue options next when you talk to Panam. Make sure to choose "We'll find Mitch" and then "Stay in the car, you're hurt." This will help in building the Romance with her.

The Crash Site

  • The crash site is heavily guarded by mechanical enemies here, so the best approach here is by stealth, unless your character is all jacked up and is capable of just charging in, then go ahead. If you want to play this carefully, from the car circle counter-clockwise to reach the AV Emergency Control that's powering the turret. This way, you'll be able to sneak past the droids.
  • Once you reach the panel, jack in to disable the turret, then wait for Panam. Once you open the hatch, you'll find Mitch taken hostage by the Kang Tao pilot. Take note that the pilot dies no matter what you say here BUT it's even better if you're able to get the info about where Hellman is. If you succeed in getting the details, you'll save more time and head towards the vantage point by the gas station. If you fail, you'll need to track down Hellman and face reinforcements along the way. The recommended dialogue lines can be found below.
  • Once you rescue Mitch from the pilot, speak to him, and choose the following lines to answer Panam. This will help in a Romance later on. Select "I gotta get Hellman, will you help?", followed by "I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao”.

Reveal Information from the pilot:

  • "I just want Hellman."
  • "I'm losing my patience."
  • NOTE: Make sure you don't shoot the pilot as well while you are talking to him.

Fail to reveal the information.

  • Any other dialogue lines or combination of dialogue.
  • If you fail to learn about where Hellman was taken, you'll need to look for the tracks of fire of the vehicle he was in. To do this, activate your scanner to find the tracks, ride the motorbike and follow the tracks until you reach the gas station. It won't be easy since you'll encounter Kang Tao forces along the way.

Look for Hellman

  • Hellman can be found on the upper level inside the gas station. The only way to get to him is via the stairs in the corner of the garage workshop. The area is heavily guarded by Kang Tao forces, so approach this area as you see fit. A good way to start this is to scan and tag as much as enemies as you can while you're at the vantage point.
  • Once you've secured the area, head to the objective where Hellman is, knock him out, and then call Takemura. After speaking to him, pick up Hellman, go out of the gas station through the gate of the garage, and lean him against the motorbike.
  • Once you put Hellman down, Saul arrives while you are talking to Panam and Mitch. You need to defend Panam by choosing “It really wasn’t Panam’s fault” during the timed dialogue event.
  • You'll then receive a call later on from her sometime after completing this mission and you'll acquire Riders on the Storm, the first Side Job related to her.
  • After parting ways with Panam and the Aldecaldos, you'll return to Sunset Motel with Hellman. Approach him and you'll begin interrogating him. The dialogue choices here won't really have any implications for the game, so just choose any dialogue based on your preference - Takemura then arrives after talking to Hellman, simply leave the room and speak to Johnny to complete this quest.



 How to unlock Life During Wartime


Life During Wartime Rewards


Life During Wartime Notes & Tips

  • The title of this Main Job comes from the Talking Heads song, Life During Wartime
  • Other note and player tips go here.


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