Lightning Breaks

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Main Job
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Ghost Town
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Life During Wartime

Lightning Breaks is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Lightning Breaks can be acquired after completing Ghost Town. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Panam Palmer. Gotta say, I like her. Girl's got a pair - and clearly a plan, too. Let's see if it's enough to grab Hellman. Honestly, V, never thought I'd ride with the nomads again. I know, I know she left the Aldecaldos, but you can feel it too, can't you? Clan's in her blood and bones. In her heart. Don't think she'll let us down.


Lightning Breaks Objectives

  • Meet Panam at midnight.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Take the passenger seat.
  • Shoot the target using the turret.
  • Take out the power plant security.
  • Overheat the terminals.
  • Take the passenger seat.


Lightning Breaks Walkthrough

Meet Panam at midnight

  • You'll pick up where you left after completing Ghost Town. V wakes up in the morning and you'll be left with a note from Panam. Your next objective is to meet her at the gas station by Sunset Motel at midnight. You'll find her inside the garage.
  • Next, talk to her to go over another plan. After the conversation, get in the passenger seat of Panam's car.
  • Now, during your journey, you will need to jack in to use the turret. Once you have control of it, you'll test it out. Simply shoot the targets ahead.

Clear the Power Plant

  • Panam then drives to the vantage point first to scout the power plant. Shortly after, Panam drives to the location where you'll have to fight against the security forces of the power plant.
  • Upon arriving, take out the security drones while V is jacked in the turret. Alternatively, you can use the short circuit quickhack if you are having trouble using the turret.
  • Next, head towards the marked terminals inside the plant and interact with them to overheat it. Once that's done, run back to the car where Panam drives up a hill.
  • Panam then hands V a detonator. Simply activate it when you are prompted to do so. You'll automatically follow through with the next job, Life During Wartime.


 How to unlock Lightning Breaks

  • This job can be acquired after completing Ghost Town.


Lightning Breaks Rewards

  • Rewards go here


Lightning Breaks Notes & Tips

  • The title of this Main Job comes from the Plasmatics song Lightning Breaks.
  • Notes & tips go here.


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