Tech Weapon        Rare (Epic Upgraded)/ Iconic
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203.0 DPS
10-13 Damage
17 Attacks Per Second
Can be charged to release a powerful shot
  • +9-11 Thermal Damage (Rare) 
  • +3.0% Crit Damage
  • 1.80 Charge Time (Rare)
  • +25% Charge Multiplier (Rare)
  • +13% Burn Chance (Rare)
  • +150% Headshot Damage Multiplier


Epic Upgrade

Crafted item will gain a random stat.

  • Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Bleeding Chance, Burn Chance, Poison Chance, Shock Chance, Charge Multiplier, Charge Time

Crafted item will gain a random damage type.

  • +18-22 Chemical Damage
  • +18-22 Electrical Damage
  • +18-22 Physical Damage
  • +18-22 Thermal Damage
Fires an extra round per shot. Furthermore, increases the number of rounds fired when fully charged.

Scope Slot
Mod Slot

Lizzie is an Iconic Tech Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Lizzie fires an extra round per shot. Furthermore, increases the number of rounds fired when fully charged. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts. Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are special Weapons with unique perks attached to them that can't be found on any other weapon and are particular for each of them. Most Iconic Weapons can be obtained by completing certain Jobs and searching in specific areas of a Location.


It may look like a toy, but it sure doesn't shoot like one


Where to find Lizzie in Cyberpunk 2077

Can be found in the basement of Lizzie's in the room across from Judy's room after The Space in Between.

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Lizzie Weapon Information

  • Base Weapon: Omaha
  • The Lizzie fires 4 projectiles per shot in a diamond pattern, compared to the base Omaha which 3 projectiles per shot in a triangle pattern.
  • The Lizzie features 10 rounds per magazine, 1 more than the base Omaha.
  • When fully charged, Lizzie fires a burst of 5 shots instead of 3 (compared to the base Omaha), totaling 20 projectiles.  


Lizzie Weapon Upgrades

Lizzie (Rare) has the following upgrade slots

Lizzie can be upgraded to Epic quality using:

  • Lizzie (Rare)
  • 20 Uncommon Components
  • 35 Rare Components
  • 45 Epic Components
  • 1 Legendary Component
  • Requires Grease Monkey Perk

Lizzie (Epic) has the following upgrade slots

  • Scope Slot
  • Mod Slot
  • Mod Slot


Lizzie Weapon Notes and Tips

  • Lizzie pairs well with damage mods like Crunch, which adds damage per bullet.
  • The chance to cause an effect such as Burn checks once per bullet, not per shot.




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    • Anonymous


      Might wanna check on that. I have Lizzie, and it's been upgraded to " LEGENDARY '".

      • Anonymous

        Hands down the best handgun of the all game. At 17 shots per secondes, this pink baby keep your opponent at bay and kill them in no time. Save/Load and keep crafting one until you get a great build. Make sure to add a Crunch Mod in those two slots. No need for a Legendary version, when the Epic is so good.

        It works very well with a Add Vantage Sight.

        The only sad thing is how glitchy Cyberpunk is. I keep having my stats of the gun changed as I save/load games. I think it keeps it stats as my damage are way superior to the stats I see, but this is really annoying. Also I'm unable to redraft the gun, for an unknown reason. Something I can do with other guns.

        I use this baby with the Comrade's Hammer crafter to >5000DPS when I need a punch killer.

        • Anonymous

          My omaha(legendary) shoots 5x3 per full charge shot and got 5mod slots and 17,5dps without any upgrade or nope this one is still just a toy ;)

          • Anonymous

            I've played the game twice over and this gun keeps windong up as my go-to.

            Its just good. Managed to craft a very strong Epic version. Not sure why you cant craft Legendary versions of some iconic weapons, but whatever. My Lizzie had more dps as an Epic over a lot of the other Legendaries I was crafting.

            • Anonymous

              I can't seem to upgrade this to legendary, despite not having issues with any other iconic. I can upgrade it to epic, but even after exited the menus and going back in there's nothing. No I don't have the legendary crafting perk, as it's not required to see the legendary upgrades in the first place.

              • Anonymous

                "Although the description claims Lizzie fires 2 bullets at once, it instead fires 4 bullets in a diamond." This trivia is needless/misleading. The description claims it fires 1 additional bullet, the Omaha Pistol fires 3 bullets by default even on non iconic versions, so the description on Lizzie's version is correct. This is not a Bug or anything.

                • Anonymous

                  I don't know if it's a bug or not, but I actually found this weapon during Automatic Love. Just asked Judi about Evelyn and found the weapon on the table on Johnny's left. I don't know either if it was there before the convo because i didn't pay attention. Anyone can confirm if it's a bug or the wiki is incorrect or lacking data on alternative ways to get it?

                  • Anonymous

                    Omaha fires 3 bullets per shot, so the extra round means it fires 4 per shot. This is similar to Widow Maker firing 6 bullets per shot instead of 5 like Achilles.

                    • This weapon is very good because (at least in theory) it shoots 4 bullets per shot. And because it's a pistol, it can be used during Wilson's quest at the shooting range. Its probably the best weapon to do that quest because the game registers everyshot as 4. The gun Wilson gives you is not good anyways, but a useful bit of info if you managed to loot it and find that quest very hard

                      • Anonymous

                        Amazing weapon that can carry you through most of the game. Throw a combat amplifier on it and proc fire on anything flammable immediately.

                        • Anonymous

                          This is probably a nod to the series "Altered Carbon", specifically the scene where Lizzie shows off to her parents a pink pistol gifted to her by Poe in VR for self-defence training.

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