M-10AF Lexington

Power Weapon        Rare
61.7 DPS
10-12 Damage
5.36 Attacks Per Second

Bullets can ricochet off surfaces

+6% Poison Chance
+1.77% Crit. Damage
+7-9 Chemical Damage
1.20 Headshot Damage Multiplier

 Eliminates horizontal recoil
1 Scope Slot
1 Muzzle Slot
2 Mod Slots

M-10AF Lexington is a Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. M-10AF Lexington allows players to take advantage of ricochet technology even if they do not possess the required Cyberware. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts.


God's gift to the inalienable right of self-defense.


How to acquire M-10AF Lexington

  • Win first prize during at the shooting range competition in the Side Job, Shoot to Thrill.
  • Can be crafted if its Craftin specs are found/bought
  • Can be bought from Gun vendors.


M-10AF Lexington Upgrades

M-10AF Lexington has the following upgrade slots

  • 1 Scope Slot
  • 1 Muzzle Slot
  • 1 Mod Slot
  • 1 Mod Slot


M-10AF Lexington Notes and Tips

  • The Dying Night is an Rare/Iconic version of the M-10AF Lexington and can be found at Wilson's shop in Watson.


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    • Anonymous

      Besides the one given to you by Wilson after winning having a unique skin, this is not really an iconic weapon by definition.

      • Anonymous

        It has no special name, but the one i get from competition have note that it have no vertical recoil. And thats true. But maybe that is some random, need to check this quest in next playtrough.

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure this isn't an Iconic weapon, I got a regular old Lexington with no fancy business as the quest reward.

          • Anonymous

            Seems to be Bugged at the Moment, it does not scale to V's level on Pickup and also is not marked as Iconic, despite having the unique modifier "Ricochet Engine". beware of accidental disassembly!

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