Turf Watson
Estimated Gang Size 1,300

Maelstrom is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. Gangs are the various groups that take hold of different areas of Night City. From technology-obsessed fully cybered gangs, combat obsessive warrior "tribes," and even gangs centered around cults, there is a diverse array of Gangs in Night City in 2077. These ferocious beasts are not to be trifled with without impunity.


Dying to become more machine than man, consequences be damned, members of the Maelstrom gang implant their bodies to the extreme with powerful and highly illegal cyberware.

Smuggling, hit-jobs, and high-stakes heists are the name of their game and they’re ruthlessly good at it. If you don't want their blood-red mechanical eyes to be the last thing you see, better play by their rules, and show some respect. 


Maelstrom Information

  • Estimated Gang Size: 1,300
  • Turf: Watson, Northside Industrial District & Northern Kabuki
  • Maelstrom is a combat-oriented gang that has a large amount of cyber-modified members. They are obsessed with body modification beyond any standard on their way to becoming machines. A majority of their members are Cyberpsychos due to being over-cybered.


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