Moron Labe

Power Weapon        Epic / Iconic
moron labe weapon cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
249.9 DPS
46-56 Damage
4.89 Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • +32-39 Chemical Damage
  • +32-39 Physical Damage
Increases fire rate. Chance to dismember

Upgrade Slots:
  • Scope Slot
  • Muzzle Slot

Moron Labe is an Iconic Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Moron Labe grants high dismembering probability and fire rate. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts. Iconic Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are special Weapons with unique perks attached to them that can't be found on any other weapon and are particular for each of them. Most Iconic Weapons can be obtained by completing certain Jobs and searching in specific areas of a Location.


A weapon for an alpha among alphas.


Where to find Moron Labe in Cyberpunk 2077

Can be crafted if you have the Edgerunner Artisan Perk, and loot the spec from the leader in suspected organized crime activity in West Wind Estate.

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Moron Labe Weapon Information

  • Base Weapon: M251s Ajax
  • High dismembering probability and fire rate increased.


Moron Labe Weapon Upgrades

Moron Labe has the following upgrade slots

  • Scope Slot
  • Muzzle Slot 


Moron Labe Weapon Notes and Tips

  • Will be visible in V's apartment on the wall of the storage room if it's in your storage.
  • Molon Labe is a Spartan war cry - Come and get it!


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    • Anonymous

      Best normal AR in game. If you have issues getting the gun, Download and install CyberEngineTweak mod from Nexus and give your self the bp.

      • Anonymous

        Article states it is West Wind Estates but map shows Charter Hill. Gun blueprint is not at either locations, regardless.

        • Anonymous

          if you happen to do the organized crime gig before 1.05 dropped your out of luck, the guy who drops it forever despawns after you leave the area and youll never get the crafting blueprint

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