Nasty Hangover

Gig Type  Search and Recover
Location Santo Domingo (Arroyo)
Requirement n/a
Reward €$ 17610

Nasty Hangover is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077 that was added in the Edgerunners updateNasty Hangover can be acquired from Rogue. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Nasty Hangover Objectives

  • Enter the 6th Street warehouse.
  • Find the shard stolen from Karl Ginsky.
  • Take the shard stolen from Karl Ginsky.
  • Leave the 6th Street Warehouse.
  • Call Karl Ginsky to schedule a meet.
  • Talk to Karl Ginsky.
  • Meet Karl Ginsky.
  • Defeat the Kang Tao operatives.
  • Talk to Karl Ginsky.


Nasty Hangover Walkthrough

  • While driving around Arroyo, between Red Dirt Bar and Hargreaves St, you'll receive a call from Rogue regarding a corpo member who lost something valuable while drinking around Arroyo. She'll task you with finding that valuable before the overlords of the Corpo member caught wind of it. You'll first want to enter the Warehouse on 6th street, which is guarded by some enemies, so you could either go stealth or go in guns blazing. Upon clearing and entering the warehouse, head over to the first desk that you see and retrieve a new weapon called "Senkoh LX" which is a Tech Submachine Gun. Then head over to the 2nd floor of the warehouse and go to the right side where you'll find the shard that you need to retrieve. After retrieving the shard, you'll receive a call from Rogue telling you that more enemies are heading to your location and that you need to leave. Upon exiting, take out the enemies who are waiting for you, and call Karl Ginsky to schedule a meet. Next, you need to head over to the coordinates that Karl Ginsky sent you and meet with him. The location is just across the street from the Warehouse on a construction site. At this moment, Karl will be giving you the eddies for y compensation, but be prepared for a group of Kang Tao operatives that will arrive, so just take them out and talk to Karl Ginsky again. This will mark the end of this gig.

 How to unlock Nasty Hangover

  • Quest Giver: Rogue
  • Location: Santo Domingo (Arroyo) Between Hargreaves St and Red Dirt bar


Nasty Hangover Rewards

  • €$ 17610


Nasty Hangover Notes & Tips

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