Neoprene Diving Suit

Outer Torso       ??
?? Armor
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Neoprene Diving Suit is an Outer Torso armor in Cyberpunk 2077.  Armor in addition to protection, there will be several features that allow you to create your visual style, and your style will affect gameplay, storyline, and relationships between characters. Your appearance and your dress will change the behavior of NPCs, and will also affect the story. Style and appearance work together with the personality you create for your character.


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Neoprene Diving Suit Information

  • Rarity: ??
  • Armor: ??


Where the Neoprene Diving Suit is found/bought


Neoprene Diving Suit Notes and Trivia

  • Do not equip prior to the mission listed above or you wont be able to remove it. (Also blocks your ability to mod all other pieces of worn clothing, and cannot remove individual pieces, only replace.)
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