NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5

Cyberdeck        Legendary

11 Base Ram

8 Buffer Size

6 Slots

♦ Allows you to perform quickhacks on targets and devices while scanning.
♦ Offensive quickhacks can be uploaded to 3 targets within a 6-meter radius.
♦ Increases damage dealt by quickhacks by 30%.
♦ Increases cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by 9 unit(s) per 60 sec.
♦ Increases quickhacks spread distance by 60%.

Device Hacks

Distract, Remote Activation, Take Control, Breach Protocol, Steal Data, Overload, Friendly Mode, Assist Mode

NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 is a Cyberdeck in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are implants that players can install, exchange, and upgrade into V's body to obtain passive buffs and various active effects that provide different combat tactics and many more. Cyberdecks allow you to use Quickhacks.


A cyberdeck series used by the best NetWatch agents and a frightening beast in terms of its offensive capabilities. It's best if NetWatch didn't catch you using this.


NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 Information

  • Cyberware Type: Cyberdeck
  • Cyberware Rarity: Legendary
  • Cyberware Price: 43750
  • Special Ability:
    - Allows you to perform quickhacks on targets and devices while scanning.
    - Offensive quickhacks can be uploaded to 3 targets within a 6-meter radius.
    - Increases damage dealt by quickhacks by 30%
    - Increases cyberdeck RAM recovery rate by 9 unit(s) per 60 sec.
    - Increases quickhacks spread distance by 60%.


NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 Acquisition

Legendary version can be bought from Ripperdoc at Heywood, Wellsprings.


  • Street Cred Required: 40
  • ED: 43,750


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NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 Notes & Trivia

  • This is possibly the most powerful Cyberdeck for those intending to specialize in use of Quickhacks, particularly for those that spread. Each bonus target from this Cyberdeck is, in effect, an extra "Patient Zero" for the spread. In other words, it effectively triples the number of enemies a quickhack like Contagion can affect. It can also lead to reinfection in smaller groups, so an enemy that survived the initial infection can be infected again. These traits, when combined with the appropriate perks, can turn Contagion into a weapon that can wipe out a large enemy force in seconds.
  • Despite its tooltip, this cyberdeck only uploads a combat quickhack to 1 additional target instead of the listed 2.
  • The Contagion quickhack does not upload to an additional target the same as other offensive quickhacks.




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    • Anonymous

      03 Feb 2021 23:30  

      So I guess everyone is questioning how many targets you can upload to with this Cyberdeck.... It looks like 2, but has anyone noticed you can doubletap a quick hack on the same enemy and it will upload the hack to 3 people total.... And with normal distances.

      It seems like you can doubletap quick hacks with this, or atheist i can. Doubletap ping, doubletap overheat/contagion/short circuit, etc.... Goes to 3 people instantly.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2021 00:10  

        This cyberdeck has a visual background identifying it as iconic on the item window, but is not marked iconic in description. As there are no other cyberdeck listed as iconic, it is likely CDPR inadvertently left it as a simple legendary. The inverse may also be true, but who knows with the amount of other errors present in item descriptions...

        • Anonymous

          19 Dec 2020 06:12  

          Seems to be bugged or in-game description is incorrect. Combat quickhacks are only uploading to 2 targets instead of 3.

          • Anonymous

            14 Dec 2020 23:01  

            So when this says "combat quickhacks" does it mean any quickhack used in combat or the ones with the combat tag on them?

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