Netrunners are a playable Class in Cyberpunk 2077

About Netrunners

The Netrunners are the super-hackers of 2020's Night City, and seem likely to fulfil the same role in Cyberpunk 2077's. Using high-tech brain-computer interfaces, Netrunners plug themselves in and scour the internet in VR for high-value information to use as a weapon, or sell on the black market. Netrunner Skills include areas such as programming, hacking, electronics and cybersecurity. Advanced cybernetic enhancements allow Netrunners to essentially hack into the minds of their enemies and infect them with viruses. 

The Netrunner, to some extent, fulfills the traditional 'stealth' role in RPGs, but is realized very differently in the Cyberpunk universe. 


Signature Ability

The Netrunner class' signature ability is 'Interface', which allows them to directly interface with all sorts of technology, such as an enemy guard to access a building's security network. 


Netrunner Skills


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