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Nomad is a Lifepath in Cyberpunk 2077. Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 is a Character Creation feature of the game. Upon starting the game, after choosing the game's difficulty and before customizing their character, players will get to choose V's Lifepath. There are three Lifepaths to select, which are, Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo. Selecting V's Lifepath will heavily affect some events and provide the player with different dialogue options.


Most nomads roam in clans, but you're a lone wolf. Right now, you've made yourself familair with the outskirts of the city (known as The Badlands). But even for wandering, off-the-grid nomads like you, the allure of Night City can prove overwhelming.


Nomad Information

Life Path Advantage for V: Nomads come with the experience of living in The Badlands, where they often work as security for cargo making its way to and from the city. So a "Nomad V" can use that knowledge in jobs that require this type of organization - or they can use past experience as a bargaining chip in negotiations with, say, a corporate agent who only really knows how things work within the safe space of Night City boardrooms.


Quests Related to the Nomad


Nomad Related NPCs


Events & Choices Related to the Nomad

Nomad Events

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Nomad Choices

  • When you are being interrogated by Meredith Stout and her thug and she asks you if you know Anthony Gilchrist, you can tell her you can help her with her mole problem and may know who attacked her convoy. After that you can say "your convoy security's a mess. I can help", but Meredith Stout rejects it. The Pickup job.
  • Also, during The Pickup job, Jackie Welles appears with a Nazare bike and you can ask him about how did he get it.
  • During The Heist, when you are about to go to the afterlife with Jackie Welles, you can answer "The Afterlife's known far and wide" and tell that some of the Nomad's biggest scores were made there.
  • During Automatic Love, when you talk to Judy Alvarez you can tell her the Mox remind you of the Nomads.
  • When you pay Rogue the money to start Ghost Town and she tells you about Panam Palmer, you can select "Don't work with clan outcasts".
  • When talking to Panam Palmer during Ghost Town, you can tell her "used to ride with the Nomads myself". She says she wouldn't have guessed it and now you have something in common. 


Nomad Notes and Tips

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