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Santo Domingo (Arroyo)
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David's Jacket

Over the Edge is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 that was added in the Edgerunners update. Over the Edge can be acquired by driving near Megabuilding H4 in Santo Domingo (Arroyo) and interacting with a green graffiti art in an alleyway. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Someone sprinklin’ XBDs around the city with cyberpsychos in the leading roles? The ****’s that about? And that warning at the end... Strangest ****in’ PSA I’ve ever seen. Only thread to follow here is the name dropped at the end – David Martinez. Sounds like the headstrong type. I like him already.


Over the Edge Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077


Over the Edge Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

  • While driving around Santo Domingo ( Arroyo) near Megabuilding H4, a side mission icon will appear on your minimap. After following the icon, you'll see a green graffiti art on the wall in an alleyway. After interacting with the graffiti, you'll find a braindance in a trash bin beside the art. Use the brain dance and this will give you a glimpse of the Edgerunners Series on Netflix a name called David Martinez. After the braindance ends, text Muamar El Capitan Reyes, and he should give you a brief background on who David Martinez is is. After a few text backs, he'll tell you that he's going to dig up some information about David Martinez and he should get back to you after a day or two. After a day or two, you will receive a text message from Falco, who used to run with David Martinez's crew back then. He'll then instruct you to meet with Muamar in Badlands Dam for he has left a package for you.

    Head over to the new icon shown in the minimap and once you arrive in Muamar's place, head over to the wall and you'll receive David's Jacket. This will mark the end of this side job.


 How to unlock Over the Edge Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Over the Edge can be acquired by driving near Megabuilding H4 in Santo Domingo (Arroyo) and interacting with a green graffiti art in an alley way.


Over the Edge Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • David's Jacket.



Over the Edge Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • Notes & tips go here


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