Power Weapon
__dps__ DPS
__damage__ Damage
__attckps__ Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
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Upgrade Slots

Overture is a Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Overture is manufactured by Malorian Arms. Power Weapons are the equivalent of known classic guns. Can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. You must first aim to hit them. Power Weapon bullets can ricochet off surfaces.

A .42 caliber, six-shot, semiautomatic, double-action, Power-class revolver crafted with the classic Malorian traits – heavy, reliable, and packed with firepower. Although Malorian has been faring worse on the market than its competitors in recent years, the Overture is still an iconic, high-quality weapon that can be found on the streets.


How to acquire Overture

  • Common through Epic rarities can be purchased from:
    • Aldecaldos Weapon Vendor in Rocky Ridge
    • Marty Jenklow in Biotechnica Flats
    • Weapon Vendor in Arroyo
    • Weapon Vendor in Rancho Coronado
    • Weapon Vendor in Red Peaks
  • Crafting Spec can be purchased for €$10500 from:
    • Robert Wilson in Little China
    • Maelstrom Weapon Vendor in Northside
    • Weapon Vendor in Kabuki
    • Weapon Vendor in Northside
  • Epic rarity with a unique modifier dropped by Dao Hyunh during Cyberpsycho Sighting: Seaside Cafe
  • Crafting Spec can be purchased for €$31500 from:
    • Weapon Vendor in The Glen
  • Legendary rarity can be purchased at 43 Street Cred from:
    • Weapon Vendor in Arroyo


Overture Upgrades

Overture has the following upgrade slots

  • ??


Overture Notes and Tips

  • Notes and tips go here.



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