Perk Shard

Consumable             Epic Shard


Grants 1 Perk Point.

Perk Shard is a Consumable Item in Cyberpunk 2077. Consumable items grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects, applying temporary or permanent buffs and debuffs




Perk Shard Information

  • Consumable.
  • Rarity: Epic.
  • Effect: Grants 1 perk point.
  • Duration: Instant.
  • Weight: 0 Kg.
  • Price: $500


Perk Shard  Location

  • Locations:
  • During the mission Gimme Danger (Takemura), you can find [2 or 3] Perk Shards scattered throughout inside the Arasaka Industrial Park building
    • One can be found at Comm tower's top floor.
    • Second one can be found in a room at the middle area of the base. You would have to go through this room if you try to go to the warehouse from an underground tunnel. It's beside truck loading docks.
  • [2] Perk Shards can be found at the Assault in Progress located near the intersection of Skyline North and Willow in southern Japantown, Westbrook.
  • [1] Perk Shard can be found at the Assault in Progress located west of the Weapon Shop in The Glen, Heywood.


Perk Shard Notes & Tips

  • For PC version it's bugged that if  you press [R] to learn it right away you will earn 2 points instead of 1. Also it doesn't seem you can store it in your inventory. Press [E] will still consume it instantly but with grant you just 1 point. If you reset your Perks the additional points added by the glitch are removed.



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    • Anonymous

      05 Jan 2021 06:43  

      I found one at an assault in progress in Santo Domingo just west of the Red Dirt Bar fast travel point. It's almost exactly to the west of the bar, there's a second assault in progress extremely close to the one with the perk shard so maybe clear them both if you don't find it at the first one.

      • Anonymous

        28 Dec 2020 08:02  

        Wasn't sure where petrochem was in Rancho Coronado, its east of the "Rancho Coronado East" fast travel point, and right next to the only ripperdoc in Rancho

        • Anonymous

          23 Dec 2020 16:27  

          I have the pistol shard in my inventory as a consumable which I used the duplicate glitch to make hundreds of them. Is there a trick to have skill shards move to inventory and not be used immediately?

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