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Main Job
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Play It Safe is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Play It Safe can be acquired after completing Life During Wartime and Gimme Danger. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Since I wasn't invited to Saburo Arasaka's funeral, I guess this sad little parade will have to do - I'm just missing confetti. But in all seriousness, Takemura must have a death wish. He's just gonna jump onto Hanako's platform? Be my ****ing guest - we'll deal with the snipers. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for an escape route. This gonna go all kinds of wrong - I can feel it.


Play It Safe Objectives

  • Pursue other leads or wait until Takemura is ready.
  • Go to the bazaar in Japantown.
  • Talk to Takemrura.
  • Neutralize the snipers. (3/3)
  • Reach the first sniper.
  • Reach the second sniper.
  • Reach the third sniper.
  • Talk to Takemura.
  • Reach the netrunner.
  • Disconnect the netrunner from the net.
  • Defeat Oda.
  • Connect to the Access Point.
  • Deactivate the security turret.
  • Wait for Takemura to make his move.
  • Escape the parade guards.


Play It Safe Walkthrough

Wait for Takemura's Call

  • This job becomes available after completing Life During Wartime and Gimme Danger. You need to wait for his call before you can meet him back at the market of Japantown. While you are waiting, you can complete other Side Jobs or gigs.
  • Once you receive a call from Takemura, head to Japantown, and take the shard to begin the briefing. Your goal here is to neutralize the snipers within the area.

Neutralize the Snipers

First Sniper:

  • Once the parade begins, cross the footbridge and make your way up to the long metal staircase. There are two options here that you can do to reach the first sniper. The common path is to follow the walkway and climb the ladder at the end. The other route is to go through the double door, climb up the ladder, then jump and pull yourself through the opening above. Whichever path you choose, you'll still end up at the same objective area which is a few meters away from the sniper.
  • If you take the alternate path, just take note that there are explosive devices that you'll come across that can be disarmed or destroyed, as well as a computer that you can breach.

Second Sniper:

  • For the second sniper, again there are two ways to reach the target take a footbridge below you or further from the first sniper's location. There's a footbridge below your current position, but you will need the required level of the Intelligence attribute in order to take this path. Simply drop down from the first sniper's location and climb down two ladders until you find a grate at the end of the path. You'll need a remote activation to open the grate/
  • When you reach the other side of the footbridge, sneak up to the guard leaning out of the window then jump through that window and climb up the ladder on the left where you'll reach an elevated platform.
  • From this vantage point, scan and tag the sniper on the other side and wait for him to lean his arms on the nearby railing before you take him out.
  • Now, if you take the other path which is the upper footbridge from the first sniper, you'll need to head to an elevator that's on the north side. Ride it and head to the 21st floor.
  • Next, climb up the ladder at the end of the balcony and cross the street via the catwalk. Be careful here since one of the panels will fall right in front of you, so take a step back and then sprint and leap across the gap.
  • When you reach the end of the catwalk, you'll find a grate. Pass through it and then use the walkways and ledges to descent in a counterclockwise way to avoid the drones in the area. Alternatively, you can also quick hack the mechanical enemies.
  • Once you're at the bottom, you will find an enemy guarding a door, and just past it is where the second sniper is.
  • Now, when you enter the room that leads to the second sniper, try to observe the mine on the wall. You can avoid triggering it if you jump past its beam or you can disarm it if you have the required Technical Ability attribute.
  • If you are able to pass without being detected, then you can quietly sneak in and take out the second sniper. Once that's done, head to the double doors and be ready to jump over another mine or disarm it.
  • Next, head up the staircase and you'll encounter two guards patrolling. You can take them out one at a time when they lean out of the window. Now follow through the corridor at the top to reach the outside section. Simply take out any drones and Arasaka forces on the terrace.

Third Sniper:

  • You'll now find yourself at the terrace. And you have two choices again on how to approach this in order to reach the third sniper. The first one involves you jumping or using a ladder inside a small building that requires the Technical Ability attribute to open the door. Then you'll need to take the service lift to reach the foyer. The second option is to leap onto the footbridge on the right where you'll have to climb to reach the foyer. Whichever path you take, you'll find yourself in the same area where you'll find the third sniper.

Reach the Netrunner

  • Once you've neutralized the third sniper, take the elevator to reach the 21st floor and pull out the link of the netrunner.
  • Once you pull out the wire, Oda will appear and attack V. You'll now have to fight against him and defeat him to progress the job.
  • If you've defeated Oda, you'll be able to choose to either spare his life or finish him off. If you spare his life, he will appear later on in one of the game's ending but this time, he won't be hostile towards V.
  • Whichever you decide, after dealing with Oda, connect to the access point to continue the quest and you'll be able to hack into Hanako's computer. Next, deactivate the security turret for Takemura.
  • After watching through Hanako's computer, you'll now need to escape the area from the guards. Head towards the nearby double doors which will take you outside. Follow the walkway and then drop down to reach an elevator at the end of the corridor. Ride the lift so that you can return to the street level. You'll complete this once you've escaped, and you'll also unlock the next job, Search and Destroy.


 How to unlock Play It Safe


Play It Safe Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Play It Safe Notes & Tips

  • The job title is in reference to a song by Iggy Pop from the 1980 LP "Soldier".
  • Notes & tips go here.


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      would be great if there was a dialogue box at the Netrunner, allowing you to actually interact with her and disconnect the wire, insteaod of just....nothing happening and breaking the quest.

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        Under the first sniper, there is a room with a door you can open with a password OR a high tech skill, and inside of there is a Iconic Weapon, Genjiro

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          it'd be neat if this quest didn't hard lock you at a point in the game, crashing on every single step forward

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