Playing for Time

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Municipal Landfill, Watson
Previous Job
The Heist
Next Job
Automatic Love or
Down on the Street

Playing for Time is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Playing for Time is unlocked after completing The Heist. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Don't trust that Takemura. Meet with him, sure, check him out, but keep your eyes open. He's a corporat, meaning he's looking to use you.

Well, chica/broder, looks like we got ourselves into a real fix. No chance in hell I'm wriggling myself out of this one, but you're still alive. And as Misty says, "As long as you're alive, there's hope." Fate's given you a second chance, so use it - get back on your feet. Do that, and consider your best friend's last wish fulfilled.


Playing for Time Objectives

  • Complete the interlude Love Like Fire and The Gig.
  • Approach the Stranger.
  • Dig yourself out.
  • Neutralize the motorcyclists and survive the attack.
  • (Optional) Stock up on ammo.
  • Talk to Takemura and leave the apartment.
  • Meet with Takemura.


Playing for Time Walkthrough

Love Like Fire

  • Before you officially start the job Playing For Time, you'll start off with an interlude where you play as Johnny Silverhand in a flashback. This job is pretty linear so just play accordingly and answer as you see fit when you are given dialogue options.
  • The year is 2023 and players will start off where you will perform on stage. Here, you'll meet a young Rogue and Kerry. After the performance, just go outside and ride the helicopter.
  • You'll fly to Arasaka Tower where Johnny and his team attack the building and fight off Arasaka's forces. When you're prompted to use the turret, use it to shoot down the enemies on the rooftop.
  • Once it's clear, follow your team inside the building and eliminate the guards as you make your way down. Upon reaching the lift, you'll need to set the bomb and then shoot the mechanism above the lift. Next, speak to Rogue before you head forward.
  • Inside the next large room, there will be more guards. Fight your way through, go up the second floor and find the access point to the network.
  • The access point is on the left side inside the other room on the second floor. From here, retrace your steps and make your way back to the helicopter. Once you're at the rooftop, make a run for it and head towards the helicopter. The interlude will then continue to The Gig where you'll find Johnny captured and brought to Arasaka Tower. Run through the sequence and finish it to begin Playing for Time.

Playing for Time

  • After the Gig, but your vision seems to be distorted. Just approach and follow the hologram of Johnny. Soon after, V wakes up in a dumpster site. Just run through the sequence where you try to get out and fight the enemies during the car chase with Takemura until you're back at the apartment - this is where you also interact with Johnny Silverhand for the first time.
  • Once V is all well (still in the apartment) make sure to grab something to eat from the table, take a look at the equipment stash, watch tv, and check your messages. When you leave the apartment, Takemura gets in contact with you and asks you to meet him at Tom's Diner. It's near the apartment, just south.
  • Upon arriving at the restaurant, approach the table where he is sitting and join him. You'll complete this job after speaking to him. Basically, you will have a few tasks, find Evelyn Parker and Anders Hellman, and help Takemura investigate and reveal the truth about the death of Saburo.


 How to unlock Playing for Time

  • This job is unlocked automatically after completing The Heist and the interlude: Love Like Fire.


Playing for Time Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Playing for Time Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here.
  • Other player tips and notes go here.


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      Takemura asks for a meet in Tom's Diner. In keeping with the jobs/gigs named after songs, this is probably in reference to a 1982 tune by Suzanne Vega.

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