Pyramid Song

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Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Laguna Bend Lake, Outskirts
Previous Job
Next Job
+268 EXP
+603 Street Cred
Key to Judy's apartment

Pyramid Song is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Pyramid Song can be acquired from Judy Alvarez, do not accept Maiko's money or do not play along with her plan in order for this quest to be available. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Everyone knows you can't just count on yourself in this goddamn city. You always gotta have a few chooms who owe you a favor. And a few you've got dirt on too. But when you've got the kind of choom who starts asking you for weirder and weirder ****? That's when problems start.


Pyramid Song Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Meet Judy in the early evening.
  • Talk to Judy Alvarez.
  • Go to the lake's edge with Judy.
  • Take the wetsuit.
  • Connect to the terminal.
  • Dive into the water.
  • Follow Judy.
  • Stand in position.
  • Calibrate your gear.
  • Circle around Judy.
  • Go back.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Follow Judy.
  • Search for clues near the diner and Judy's house. (4/4)
  • (Optional) Scan for clues near the gas station. (3/3)
  • Follow Judy.
  • Look for a path into the church.
  • Go to the cottage.
  • Start the generator.
  • Check on Judy.
  • Grab your clothes.
  • Find Judy.
  • Sit beside Judy.


Pyramid Song Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Romance Path

Before indicating a brief walkthrough for this job, take note that this is the sequence where you can have the option to Romance Judy. The following conditions must be met in order to do so:

  • V needs to be played with a feminine body type and voice tone.
  • During the previous job, Pisces. Refuse to go with Maiko's plan or turn down her payment if you did go with her plan. Or take out the Tyger Claw bosses or declare the Dolls' independence.
  • Agree to help her and then head towards the meeting point which is at Laguna Bend Lake. Dive with her and spend the night in the bungalow.
  • Kiss or hug her in the bathroom. And if you want to seal the deal, the next morning, choose the dialogue option "the beginning of something amazing.". This will result in V and Judy having a relationship, and she can also appear in one of the Endings of the game.
  • Being in a relationship with Judy will also allow the player to visit her apartment freely and gain access to another personal stash where you can store your items. If playing as a male V, being in a friendship with Judy also provides this benefit.
  • If you don't want to have a relationship with her, you can opt not to do anything in the bathroom. Or if you were just curious about the romance scene, the next morning, just lean away from her when you guys are talking or choose "a pleasant distraction." This will automatically close the romantic path with Judy and she will leave Night City.

Underneath it All

  • After you receive a message from Judy, agree to help her and then to meet up at the location. You need to head over to Laguna Bend Lake around 6:30 PM.
  • When you arrive, talk to her and put on the wetsuit to prepare for diving and then connect to the terminal. Just follow the onscreen instructions from here.
  • Once you dive in, just follow Judy and finish calibrating your gear until you reach a diner and Judy's house where you'll need to scan for clues.
  • When you reach the diner, you'll need to scan and inspect four items, the diner's sign on the ground, a picture frame, an old camera, and a hockey stick. As a bonus, you can take the old camera and give it to Judy later on as a gift. All of these items are on the left side of the street, in front of the diner and Judy's old house which is next door
  • There is also an optional objective where you can scan for more clues. These can be found across the street, by the gas station. The items are an old car, a doll, and an umbrella - if you did went over to scan these items, just tell Judy you're ready to go when you're good to go.
  • The next section you'll swim to is a church. Before finding an opening for the church, search the trash next to the stairs to the entrance. You'll find a necklace on some garbage, examine it to get dialogue with Judy about the "Heart of Laguna Bend". The necklace will be placed in your inventory. To find a way inside, swim towards a hole on the wall that's broken by a water tank which is on the right side from the entrance. When you're in, the next sequence is just story-driven, and the relic malfunctions, causing V to lose consciousness. Don't panic, you'll awaken back on the docks with Judy - the following sequences are again, story-driven, so just follow the objectives until you complete it.


How to unlock Pyramid Song Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

The following conditions must be met in order to trigger this job:

  • (1) Complete Pisces.
  • (2) Make sure you do not go along with Maiko's plan OR accept her money at the end of Pisces (you may go along with Maiko's plan, but do NOT accept the money).
  • (3) Wait a couple in-game days before receiving a message from Judy. Agree to help her and then meet at the lake.


Pyramid Song Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • +268 EXP
  • +603 Street Cred
  • Biometric key to Judy's apartment


Pyramid Song Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • Take note that players can only end up with a Romance sequence with Judy Alvarez if you are playing as a feminine V.
  • This also serves as the last job from the string of questlines related to Judy which also leads to a Romance sequence in the end.
  • The song featured in this side job is called "Bells of Laguna Bend".
  • Pyramid Song will unlock under 2 conditions. Each results in the killing of the Tyger Claws, but you may choose to either kill Maiko or Knock-her-out. Judy will either have sad or less-sad dialogue depending on your choice with Maiko.
  • Once Pisces is over, load into another area to reset Judy's location and wait at least 24hrs (in-game). You may have to complete a few quests with other companions first (depending if you have them active), but eventually Judy will send you a text to meet her. Some players get it right away, while others had to wait at least a week.


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    • Anonymous

      If you comment on Judy's wetsuit after you put yours on, she will mention that she owns a MaxTac uniform that she won in a bet. When you finish this quest, you will be able to get the unique outfit from her place.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn't make much sense for her to say hey here is access to my place you can move in or drop by occasionally to visit me, but I wont be in the city anymore, so what
        the fuck

        • Anonymous

          Did my game bug out or, did anyone notice the character icon in the mini map out in the water just below the deck Judy is sitting on? It's marked Evelyn. You can even scan the exact location to see it's marked Evelyn Parker. Either a small detail the devs put in showing Judy buried Evelyn in the place that means the most to her or, it's an oddly appropriate bug. Either way, It freaked me out a bit.

          • Anonymous

            Can't start mission for no reason lol. She just doesnt call me. I was waiting for several days and did other quests but useless. Any solutions?

            • Anonymous

              Does anyone know the name of the song during the actual sexy scene? It's v nice and completely different to the rest of the songs in the game

              • Anonymous

                Pyramid Song is a song by Radiohead. Judy has some of the lyrics tattooed to her body. It thematically fits her struggles in the game. My favorite mission in the game and best video game romance I’ve seen.

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