Radar Love

Gig Type Thievery
Location Badlands
Requirement Street Cred Level 11
Reward €$8580 + 621 XP + 1397 Street Cred

Radar Love is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077. Radar Love can be acquired from Regina Smith. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Radar Love Objectives

  • Steal mobile radar station, model P9D/2.161


Radar Love Walkthrough

  • walk


 How to unlock Radar Love

  • Quest Giver: Regina Smith
  • Location: Militech base at Lone Star Motel


Radar Love Rewards

  • Rewards


Radar Love Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here



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