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Location Pacifica
Weakness 20% Thermal Damage
Resistances 50% Electrical Damage
+4 to RAM Cost
Immune N/A
Drop ???

Sasquatch is a Boss in Cyberpunk 2077. Sasquatch is a hulking woman, current leader of the Animals. Bosses are special and unique Enemies that you may encounter depending on the choices you made during your playthrough.


Sasquatch Description

  • Sasquatch real name is Matilda K. Rose.
  • Sasquatch is a powerful woman, tall and muscular. She wields a massive Sledgehammer.


Sasquatch Location 


Sasquatch Drops

  • Random Legendary Armor 100%
  • Random Legendary Pistol 50%

 Sasquatch Strategies

How to Beat Sasquatch

Sasquatch combat is melee oriented and revolves around the uses she gives to her sledgehammer. 

Once removed, she will charge at you and breach your system by jacking herself in. Placide will try to defend you from the hacking, but you will have to deal with Sasquatch like this. Besides the graphical changes on the screen, this hacking doesn't seem to do anything else.

Without her Sledgehammer, she centers on melee combat using her fists to try to overwhelm you with her raw physical strength. 

She moves fast and most of the time will go directly at you.

She has a small blue weakpoint on her back, once destroyed she will drop the sledgehammer. While she has it, it allows her to perform incredibly fast rushes towards you.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Sledgehammer)
Swing attack: Sasquatch swings her sledgehammer from right to left while jumping at you. Dodge backwards or to your left
Rush Attack: If you are away from her, she will rush you and attack you with her sledge Dodge to either side.
Overhead attack: Swings the Sledgehammer over his head with two hands Dodge to either side.
Hammer Throw: Throws the sledgehammer at you, you need to be  at a fair distance from her Dodge to either side, if hit it will knock you back.
Three Hit Combo: Performs a quick 3-hit combo that finishes in a strong attack. Once she lands the last attack, she gets stuck for a few seconds Dodge backwards
Phase 2 (Without Sledgehammer)
Running Punch: Sasquatch charges at you and attempts to punch you with her right hand Dodge to your left.
Frontal Kick: Performed while standing, she kicks in front of her with her right foot. Dodge to either side or backwards.
Triple Punch: Performs a three- hit combo, finishing with a rolling attack from her right arm. Dodge to your left.


Sasquatch Lore

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Notes & Trivia

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      You can sneak around her and steal the hammer from the corner (its near some crates) before she equips it (then she uses fists for the entire fight)- then sneak over and tag her weak spot for a 25% reduction in her health.

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