Scrolls Before Swine

Gig Type Thievery
Location Watson (Northside)
Requirement Street Cred Rank 4, Completed Main Job “Playing For Time”
Reward 239 XP / 673 Street Cred / €$2160

Scrolls Before Swine is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077. Scrolls Before Swine can be acquired from Regina Jones. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Scrolls Before Swine Objectives

  • Retrieve the footage from the warehouse
  • Bring the footage to Aaron
  • Tell Aaron you know what he did. [Optional]
  • Leave Aaron's Building


Scrolls Before Swine Walkthrough

  • You'll receive a call from Regina Jones when you are near the quest location in Watson Northside.
  • Locate the computer containing the footage in the warehouse. This can be found on the second floor of the building in an office.
  • [Optional] Access the computer and watch the security footage listed under the files tab. Watching through until the end will trigger a conversation with Johnny Silverhand.
  • Retrieve and bring the footage to Aaron located in his apartment down the street.
  • [Optional] If you've watched the security footage, you can tell Aaron you've seen the contents of the scrolls. Aaron will ask you what you want.
    • Surprise - it's money. - You will immediately receive €$2160 in addition to the standard gig reward after leaving the building, doubling the money. Johnny will appear and make negative remarks about your choice.
    • I want you behind bars. - You will engage in combat with Aaron.
      • Neutralizing Aaron without killing him will result in a positive response from Johnny and Regina. He can later be found at Dino's location, Malted Iguana Liquors, in Downtown, where he will strike up conversation with V.
      • Killing Aaron will result in a positive response from Johnny and a negative response from Regina. Additionally, you will receive no reward and the gig will be shut.
    • Don't want anything. - Johnny will appear and make negative remarks about your choice. The quest will complete normally.
  • Leave Aaron's building. Regina will call you shortly after and you will receive the reward for the quest.


 How to unlock Scrolls Before Swine

  • Quest Giver: Regina Jones
  • Location: Maelstrom warehouse on the corner of Industrial and Eisenhower St.


Scrolls Before Swine Rewards

  • 239 XP / 673 Street Cred / €$2160
    • An additional €$2160 can be obtained if you extort Aaron by unlocking the optional quest condition.
  • If you killed Aaron, Regina will inform you that the client is dead and there will be no payment.


Scrolls Before Swine Notes & Tips

  • Storywise, watching the video recording on the computer and neutralizing Aaron without killing him will provide additional information on this Gig sidequest and result in a positive response from both Johnny and Regina.



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    • Anonymous

      You can later find Aaron in the same bar as Dino if you leave him alive. There was an option to extort more money, but I just insulted him and walked by so I don't know if it works.

      • Anonymous

        For anyone curious, after a bunch of testing the only 2 ways I was able to 'neutralize' instead of kill Aaron is to use any gun with the 'non-lethal' mod or to have him reach 0 health with a non-lethal DoT (burn, etc.). Blunt weapons of any kind do NOT work and will always kill him (I tried 20 separate times by quick loading and even using different blunt weapons and every time he died).

        • Anonymous

          I believe Aaron is bugged. I tried 4 separate times to neutralize him instead of killing him, 3 times with Gorilla Arms, once with a Baseball Bat, but all four times the last blow kills him.

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