Search and Destroy

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Abandoned Apartment Building
Previous Job
Play It Safe
Next Job
Nocturne Op55N1

Search and Destroy is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Search and Destroy can be acquired after completing Play it Safe. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Know what my downside is? No matter how much I might want to, I don't ****ing make mistakes. Lo and behold! Our factory-reset ronin, hounded by every single Arasaka soldier in Night City for KIDNAPPING Saburo Arasaka's daughter. Kudos to him - I couldn't've ****ed this plan up better myself. And after all this he STILL wants you to drop by? I don't know who's more whacked - him or us. Just remember to knock four times. His head, preferably - against a ****ing table.


Search and Destroy Objectives

  • Get to the hideout.
  • Knock on the door.
  • Talk to Takmura.
  • Talk to Hanako Arasaka.
  • Check the door.
  • Leave the building.


Search and Destroy Walkthrough

Meet with Takemura

  • You'll obtain this quest right after completing Play It Safe. From the Japantown bazaar, head to the hideout of Takemura.
  • Takemura can be found in unit 303 of the abandoned apartment building. Once you're at the front door, knock FOUR times, if you knock once or three times, Takemura will shoot you.
  • Now, speak to Takemura and ask him about what happened earlier, and then sit on the chair near Hanako to tell her about the death of Saburo.
  • Shortly after the conversation, Takemura hears something from the hallway. Go to the front door and check it out. Just when V checks the hallway, Arasaka forces will start shooting.

Escape the Building

  • When V's back up after falling from the apartment, you'll need to make an important but optional objective here. When you reach the room that has a cross with blue neon light, you'll have to choose to either escape the safehouse or help Takemura who will be able to take part in the latter part of the story.
  • If you wish to leave the area, take the route on the right from the blue neon-lit cross and follow the path to reach the exit. It still won't be easy since you will fight against Arasaka forces.
  • If you want to help Takemura, take the path on the left from the blue neon-lit cross. There are multiple enemies here, so try to use stealth and take out the enemies one at a time if you can. Takemura can still be found in the same unit on 303. It's not an easy path to take since you will need to fight your way through, but this will also allow you to gain access to a shortcut that leads to the exit. Optionally, if V is equipped with Fortified Ankles, you can simply jump back up the hole you fell through and return to the fight.


 How to unlock Search and Destroy


Search and Destroy Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Search and Destroy Notes & Tips

  • The job title is in reference to a song by American rock band the Stooges, recorded for the group's third album Raw Power (1973). Lead singer Iggy Pop said that the title was derived from a column heading in a Time article about the Vietnam War.
  • Other notes & player tips go here.


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