Second Conflict

second conflict side job cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Totentanz, Watson
Previous Job
Holdin' On
Next Job
A Like Supreme
Gold Plated Baseball Bat (Rare/Iconic)

Second Conflict is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Second Conflict can be acquired after completing Holdin' On. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Second Conflict Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Enter the Totentanz.
  • Talk to the leader. (Dum Dum & Royce/Patricia & Brick/Patricia)
  • Follow the leader.
  • Talk to Nancy.
  • Talk to Nancy off to the side.
  • (Optional) Go to the Totentanz bathroom.
  • (Optional) Go out the window.
  • (Optional) Go out on the balcony.
  • Go to the elevator to leave the Totentanz.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Leave the Totentanz.
  • Get in Nancy's car.
  • Call Kerry.
  • Go to Denny's mansion.
  • Find Denny and Henry.
  • (Optional) Use the intercom to call Denny's house.
  • Talk to Kerry.
  • Talk to Denny and Henry.
  • Wait a day for Nancy's call.


Second Conflict Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Investigate Totentanz

This job is automatically triggered after you try to call Nancy in Kerry's villa at the end of Holdin' On. Your first objective is to head to the Totentanz in the northern part of Watson. Upon arriving, speak to the bouncer, enter the lift, and head to the third floor. The Maelstrom members you will run into here will depend on how you ended The Pickup:

  • If you ended with a resolution where Royce and Dum Dum survived, Dum Dum will greet you and take you to Royce.
  • If you killed Dum Dum and Royce but saved Brick, Patricia will greet you and take you to him.
  • If you killed Royce and Dum Dum, and left Brick in his cell, Patricia will be in charge.

Rescue Nancy

  • All you have to do is follow Dum Dum or Patricia and you'll be at a private couch where you'll find Nancy.
  • If it's Patricia who's in charge, then you have to defeat all of the Maelstrom boys and then rescue Nancy.
  • If Brick is the one you encounter, then he'll express his gratitude for saving him earlier and you'll end this job with a peaceful resolution.
  • If it's Dum Dum and Royce, you need to keep a low profile while you try to sneak out Nancy's data since the Maelstrom boys will become hostile towards V. You can escape if you walk down the stairs and immediately take a right, and then enter the men's toilet.
  • Use the window and circle back via the metal ledge and crouch down before you reach the next open window. Wait for the guards to look away before you jump in. Now, quietly take them out one by one and head to the corridor on the far left side. Sneak through the door to the right and it will take you to a room that has three more guards. All that's left is to take them out before reaching the lift.
  • Either way, your goal is to make it out alive with Nancy. Now, go to her car and ride with her to N54 News, and then to Denny's mansion in North Oak. When you reach the mansion, no one will be answering from the intercom, so follow the tire tracks that go off-road from the entrance. This will lead you to the backside of the area where you'll find Kerry.
  • Now, from here, you just need to choose between Denny and Henry. This will determine who will play at the concert and it will only differ in interactions and dialogue for the next job.


How to unlock Second Conflict Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077


Second Conflict Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • Denny will throw her baseball bat into the pool, which will be available to pick up.


Second Conflict Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • This also serves as the first string of side jobs related to Kerry which also leads to a Romance sequence in the end.
  • Take note that players can only end up with a Romance sequence with Kerry Eurodyne if you are playing as a masculine V.
  • Knocking out or killing Dum Dum will cause him to drop a rare / iconic revolver called Doom Doom. At the end of the mission, he will be waiting upstairs talking to Nancy on the couch.
  • Bug (1.05) : The quest can be stuck at "Talk to Dum Dum". A workaround which seems to work :
    • Load a gamesave before Calling Nancy during the previous quest "Holdin' On".
    • Fast travel to All Foods Plant (NID)
    • Call Nancy and continue with the questline, see if Dum Dum is is present during the "Second Conflict" quest.
  • Bug (1.05) : Previously, Dum Dum would drop his iconic revolver Doom Doom whether you incapacitated him or killed him. However, most times than not he will drop a regular revolver. A workaround which seems to work:
    • Kill him upstairs with a weapon and he should drop Doom Doom
    • If you want to stay stealthy, use reboot optics on him and snipe him with Overwatch or any other silenced weapon that does heavy damage. For whatever reason, the first hit doesn't register, so you'll have to shoot him twice.
    • If you don't want to kill him with the method above, you'll have to put a mod on your gun to make it non-lethal
    • Note: Grabbing him and killing him no longer seems to make him drop Doom Doom. Previously, a non-lethal attack after a grab would still cause him to drop Doom Doom
  • At the end of the argument Denny will throw her Gold-Plated Baseball Bat  into the pool for you to acquire.


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    • Anonymous

      After the pool scene I cannot help but think it's a shame that the job name 'Send in the clowns' was already used.

      • Anonymous

        The stealthy option for Doom Doom as of patch 1.06 no longer works as far as I can tell. Shooting him at all either kills him, no matter where you hit him and he doesn't drop the weapon or it causes combat. CDPR continues to keep screwing over any and all organic player choices in this game. >.>

        • Anonymous

          There is a door that is supposed to be locked that is not which allows you to go out of bounds and can get you stuck or lock you out of the mission entirely. Once you enter the club, before you go down the first flight of stairs there is a "VIP booth" to the right. Above this is an opening in the ceiling with a gun and a door. This door opens into an out of bounds area you are not supposed to be in and you can walk through some walls to enter outside of the club doors that lock behind you when you enter making it impossible to progress without restarting.

          • Anonymous

            I did them after 20 tries. I have Body 6, Reflexes 8, Intelligence 19. This shootout in small room was one of the most intense moments yet with my character. Managed to short circuit hack 2 of them, the rest were shot.

            • Anonymous

              Hey guys I have different issue, as I did kill Dum Dum, Patricia is the one who welcomed me at the entrance, however later when I should enter the back room with Nancy I kept being killed within 2 secs. So I decided to leave the club and go grinding a little bit or try to purchase different tech/weapons, BUT now when I come back to the building, I go up to the third floor and the main entrance is closed and I cannot get inside - so my task is stuck at Enter the room where Nancy is waiting. Is there any other way how to enter the club or get straight to the room with Nancy?

              • Anonymous

                I had a different beginning. I kept Royce, Dum Dum alive and saved Brick. In the club I was greeted by Dum Dum, but I don't remember seeing Brick. And Royce was there too

                • Anonymous

                  I had a different path - I left Brick in his cell since I couldn't figure out how to get him out and I also betrayed both Militech and Maelstrom so a second Militech guy stormed All Foods. When I went into the club, Patrica greeted me but it was non-hostile and I ended up meeting Brick as well, who was very chill and let me and Nancy leave without a fight. He was also strangely docile. Patrica was confused that we got to leave so easily.

                  • Anonymous

                    I saved Brick but Patricia still greeted my at the door and Brick was glad to see me. The quest ended without a fight

                    • Anonymous

                      Tried to do this quest and it is bugged. I get to the Totenkanz club and get the objective "Talk to Dum Dum" except he's not there and there is no waypoint to find him. 1.05 on PS5.

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