Second Opinion

Power Weapon        __rarity__ / Iconic
__dps__ DPS
__damage__ Damage
__attckps__ Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • Stat1
  • Stat2
Shoots one additional projectile per shot and deals electrical damage, with a chance to apply Shock.

Upgrade Slots

Second Opinion is a pistol mentioned in official guide that does not really exist. Second Opinion does nothing because it does not exist. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts but Second Opinion does not.




How to acquire Second Opinion

  • Official guide states it can be found in Maiko's office during Automatic Love. However, it appears the door to the office remains locked.
  • It's also been stated the item cannot be retrieved during a later Side Job at Cloud.
  • However on the table in Maiko's office there's a gun glitched inside the table, called Death and Taxes. It can be retrieved using the console command "Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Nue_Maiko", 1)" and is considered to be the Second Opinion that is indicated in the guide, just a different name as there's no weapon in the code that is called Second Opinion.


Second Opinion information

  • Base Weapon: Nue
  • Shoots one additional projectile per shot and deals electrical damage, with a chance to apply Shock.


Second Opinion Upgrades

Second Opinion has the following upgrade slots

  • ??


Second Opinion Notes and Tips

  • This gun most likely does not exist.
  • The door to Maiko's office remains locked regardless of how the mission is played (stealth, all out combat, or only killing Woodman). 
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    • Anonymous

      I found Death and Taxes in Judy's office/BD room in her apartment during the "Talkin' bout a revolution" side quest after staying the night.

      • Anonymous

        As of 1.31 the gun is sitting on the couch next to the table when you enter Maiko's room. Really hard to miss.

        • Anonymous

          The gun is on the table in the large room filled with computers in front of Mr Forrests office, by the security monitors. If you check the desks you'll see a gun clipped halfway into a table, completely unable to be picked up or moved. Until they patch this it's unusable without cheats.

          • Anonymous

            Unsure if this weapon is bugged or an intentional cut. Either way it has fully functional crafting specs too.

            • Anonymous

              Any idea where the hell is maiko's office, i cant find this weapon at all, been searching in Clouds for an hour already.

              • Anonymous

                Used to commands to get into the office; there's no gun in there, so whether it's called Second Opinion or Death and Taxes, it's not in the office. At least it wasn't in there after the side quest was over. (Also used commands to get back into Clouds)

                • Anonymous

                  It has changed the name, its internal name is Items.Preset_Nue_Maiko, while in-game it is called Death and Taxes.

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