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Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Arroyo, Santo Domingo
Previous Job
Next Job
There is a Light that Never Goes Out
M-10AF Lexington

Sinnerman is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Sinnerman can be acquired after completing Life During Wartime and after receiving a call from Wakako Okada. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


You're right about one thing - this job from Wakako stinks to high heaven. Besides, you're above doing plain ol' hit jobs. Probably no harm in talking to Bill Jablonsky and seeing what his deal is. But if I were you? I'd take a hard pass.


Sinnerman Objectives Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Sit and wait for Bill Joblonsky.
  • Talk to Bill Joblonsky.
  • Follow the car.
  • Stop the car.
  • Exit the car.
  • Follow Bill Joblonsky.
  • Talk to Joshua Stephenson.
  • Enter Joshua's car.


Sinnerman Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

  • NOTE: For this job, there are several sequences and dialogue options where you can choose to either abandon this quest or continue forward to the next.
  • After receiving a call from Wakako, head to the marked area which is outside Dewdrop Inn in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. Sit at the bench and wait for Bill to arrive. When it's time, you'll find him leaning against a car on your left. Approach the man, introduce yourself, and ride in the driver's seat.
  • Now, when you're in the car, wait for NCPD patrol car that's transporting Joshua to pass by, and when it does, follow it. You'll completely fail this job if you lose them, so make sure you're on their tail. It's going to take a while before you trigger the next objective so just follow the car.
  • Eventually, it will be stopped by a truck that's in the middle of the road, so when it does stop, step out of your car and approach the NCPD vehicle. BUT MAKE SURE YOU ARE UNARMED WHEN YOU APPROACH THE VEHICLE. If you threaten Joshua or the NCPD officers, Vasquez and Rachel, then the job will end and fail.
  • If you're not really interested in completing the next job related to this, then you can end it by killing Joshua and you'll still earn your reward from Wakako.
  • When you approach Joshua and officers, speak to Joshua. First, ask the cops what's going on, and then tell Joshua who you are when he asks for your name. Next, tell him the name of Bill when he asks who your associate is. Shortly after, Vasquez will know who you are and Joshua offers a job - simply ride in the NCPD vehicle to continue.
  • While you are inside the NCPD car, answer him first with "Can't correct murder.", followed by "Sure, why not.". This will then jump to the next related job, There is a Light that Never Goes Out. If you want to bail, just tell him to drop you off at the next stop.
  • Remember that when you start the next job, your behavior towards him will determine the outcome of the braindance he intends to record. To keep it simple, if you turn out to be encouraging and answer validating dialogues when he discusses how he wants things to end, then the braindance will turn out to be a success. However, if you mock him or answer with cynical lines, the braindance will result in a failure. These will be indicated in the next job.


How to unlock Sinnerman Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077


Sinnerman Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077


Sinnerman Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • The job title is a reference to the song "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone.
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    • Anonymous

      Real disappointed that this quest forces you to let Bill die. I just wanted to have a nice job where you get paid to eviscerate someone and you do it with gusto.

      • Anonymous

        Do NOT target the cop or you'll end up automatically putting him in a choke hold and either killing him or knocking him out (unless there is a key to let go not shown). Stay behind Bill, don't target anyone but him and Joshua, aim down after Johnny appears to avoid targetting the cop as he moves. If you knock him out or kill him, you can still get in the car, but then you are stuck. F'in devs need to fix that ****.

        This was so annoying with his **** ass truck that handles like a early 90s racing car game.

        • Anonymous

          When Wakako called me, and I first made the comment about what a "Golden Opportunity" from her felt like (programmed response, no choice) her NEXT comment was silent. No audio, no subtitle. then the conversation picked back up with me responding to... ?Whatever she was supposed to have said.

          • Anonymous

            Guys, don't kill the police or the guy in the car... There's a long sidestory that follows after that which is damn nice!

            You missed out so bad...

            • Anonymous

              tried to do this 10 different ways (jk) but can't get thru it with Jablonsky still alive. As soon as you shoot the cop once or twice he kills the dude.

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