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Related Attribute Cool
How to Level Up Execute stealth takedowns.

Ninjitsu is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077. Ninjitsu is a skill that is related to the Cool attribute. Skills are but a part of your Character’s build and are strictly linked by your Attributes. That means that you can’t level a skill higher than your attribute level. You will be leveling your Skills by executing various gameplay actions. Some skills can also be enhanced through Cyberware. Meanwhile, other skills can come in useful during dialog, offering responses you wouldn’t be able to pick otherwise.


Ninjitsu Description

  • Related Attribute: Cool
  • The Ninjitsu skill improves V's effectiveness in stealth tactics and mobility.
  • This skill can be Ninjitsu leveled up by performing stealth takedowns, killing enemies without triggering combat, avoiding being detected and dumping bodies.


Ninjitsu Perks



Ninjitsu Progression Rewards

Skill Level Rewards
1 --
2 Increases Evasion by 3%.
3 +1 Perk Point.
4 Decreases Visibility to Enemies by 10%.
5 +1 Perk Point.
6 Increases Health Regen Rate Outside Combat by 10%.
7 +1 Perk Point.
8 Increases Movement Speed by 3%.
9 Increases Effective Damage Per Second (DPS) by 3%.
10 +1 Perk Point.
11 Increases Effective Damage Per Second (DPS) by 2%.
12 Increases Evasion by 3%.
13 +1 Perk Point.
14 Movement Speed +2%
15 Decreases Visibility to Enemies by 10%.
16 Increases Evasion by 4%.
17 +1 Perk Point.
18 +1 Perk Point.
19 Decreases Visibility to Enemies by 10%.
20 Trait


Ninjitsu Notes & Tips

  • If a fight goes loud, you can still gain ninjutsu exp by dumping bodies afterwards.
  • Maximizing a skill level to 10 with one out of the twelve skills grants the player with the "Ten Out of Ten" Trophy/Achievement.


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