Target Analysis

Kiroshi Optics Fragment        Rare

♦ All weapons become non-lethal.
♦ Headshots do not deal additional damage.
♦ Smart Weapons primarily target limbs

Target Analysis is a Kiroshi Optics Fragment in Cyberpunk 2077. Mods are modifications that can be used to improve Weapons, Armor and Cyberware in terms of both stats and usage. In order to insert a Mod, the piece of equipment must have a mod slot available.


An upgrade to Kiroshi optical cyberware.


Target Analysis Information


Target Analysis Acquisition

Rare version can be bought from Viktor's Clinic at Little China, Watson.

Viktor's Clinic


Rare crafting spec can be bought from Ripperdoc at Buck's Clinic in Kabuki, Watson for €78000

Buck's Clinic

Target Analysis Notes & Trivia

  • This mod will prevent Mantis Blades from playing the kill animation, making this mod a very good pairing for users of the Mantis Blade.


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    • Anonymous

      Has 1,5 changed locations for Target Analysis Crafting Spec? Charlie Buck does not seem to even offer Kiroshi mods now. I rerolled Victor Vector at least 15 times and only Kiroshi crafting specs are for Trajectory Analysis or Explosives Analysis?

      • Anonymous

        Can't remove it, but you can just switch it out. Nothing stops me from switching this and the "see explosive radius" mod. At least on PS4 I can, don't kow about PC.

        • Anonymous

          Make no mistake, this is a Best in Slot mod for pure melee characters. Getting stuck in the execution animation is a death sentence, as I'm sure you've found out if you've melee charge attacks at all.

          • Anonymous

            Cannot remove this piece of cyberware modification. I was able to put it in myself, but now I cannot remove it. This is going to get me killed in some of my gigs in game. I have tried to find it in my inventory to remove it, like Anon on Dec17th said. I did find it, but I cannot remove it. The option does not come up when I click on it. I have 2 mods, but the one, listed in this article, I want removed does not com up as removeable.

            • Anonymous

              To answer those below: It's a cyberware mod, not a piece of cyberware. You can remove it or swap it out at any time that you can access your inventory.

              • Anonymous

                I think ripperdocs can * disable * it as in remove them, you can't disable it when installed.. that's the point of *no headshot extra dmg, non-lethal*. If we could just turn it on and off with a switch , hotkey, would have been taking the piss.

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